How To Write A Dissertation Proposal For MBA ?

Before a student submits their MBA dissertation, they must first create a research proposal. This allows the tutor to get a gist of it. What the final product will entail and exhibits that careful planning is necessary to have a successful outcome. Neglecting to fix any errors during the proposal stage could potentially result in. They are carried over into the dissertation itself.

What Is A Dissertation Proposal?

For research proposals to be effective, the idea or question posed must be clearly and specifically outlined. As well as its anticipated outcomes. Additionally, researchers should demonstrate the importance of their inquiry and explain the benefit it will bring to their field.

What it shouldn’t do is answer the question – that’s what your research will do.

Why Is It Important?

Research proposals are of great importance as they provide a formal outline of the intended research. Which entails providing detailed information about how the research is to be conducted.

  • Your move toward your methodology
  • Timeline and feasibility
  • All other considerations need to progress your research, like resource

Structures Of Dissertation Proposal For MBA Students


What title would you like to give your dissertation proposal? This may or may not be the eventual title of your dissertation.

Background and Overview

You now have your query resolved, so let us discuss it. Why by showing a grasp of the present research landscape regarding your field of interest.

By presenting the context of your research subject through a literary study. You can demonstrate to the evaluator that you are familiar with the current discussion surrounding your research. As well as what has been published.

Showing a solid grasp of the essential themes, critical studies, and distinguished investigators in your research field and how they have contributed to the current research situation.

Problem Definition

From the context you have explained, choose a management issue and explain it in detail.

Research Methodology

Outline the sources you plan to utilize and the methods for extracting and analyzing the data collected, being as precise as possible. As the project evolves, you should consider revising the methodology if necessary. Explain how the necessary data is going to be gathered to answer your research questions.

When conducting questionnaires or interviews, it is important to inform participants of the sample size, criteria, and method that will be utilized. Additionally, one should indicate whether they intend to use quantitative methods such as hypothesis testing, or qualitative approaches like interviews or semi-structured questionnaires.

Problem And Limitations

Taking into account any of the issues that could arise during the project, let us anticipate the difficulties we might face and devise plans to address them accordingly. For instance, there may be times when we cannot locate the necessary resources or people we hope to interview may be reluctant to contribute; further, we may encounter situations in which time constraints prevent us from achieving the desired outcomes. With that in mind, we must consider all possibilities so our project does not veer off-course.


For the successful completion of your writing project, be sure to take note of all the books and articles consulted. Keeping full bibliographic information of the publications referenced and cited in your paper is essential; this way you won’t have to scramble at the last minute looking for the necessary details.

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