How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health has become a very vital issue among all walks of life. Not only elders, but even youngsters are also suffering from mental health problems. And it is all because of living a life that is full of stress, anxiety, and depression. Now, call it any reason, but it is taking a toll on your mental health. Since today is 10th October, known for World Mental Health Day, so let us discuss on how to care about one’s mental health. 

Although every part of the human body is important. Still, I would say, that it is the brain that should be counted first. It gives the signals of which our body and our actions respond to it accordingly. If it gives a positive signal, then you feel the positivity around you, and when it is vice versa, then you suffer through negativity packed with stress, anger, anxiety, fear, and depression. And most probably it is the negativity which has affected the minds of many people. 

Indeed there is lots of pressure from multiple sides, be it from your professional commitments or relationship. In either way, we are living under the stress. Too much excess thinking and worries pave to mental problems like schizophrenia, where a person is gripped by hallucinations and delusions. It is indeed a major mental disorder. 

Learn To Stay Calm

Now, there is no such problem that does not have solutions. Amid all the negativity around us, we can still maintain a cool mindset. If you observe Lord Shiva, he is always seen in the meditative state. Compared to Vishnu, his personality is weird. He wears a snake around his neck, puts bhasma on his body, and sits on a tiger skin. Shiva represents death as per Hindu mythology. You will always find a statue of his in cremation grounds. However, he still carries a calming smile on his face.

The motive behind this example is not to drag you to sit in the temple for hours. Rather, it is a message to stay calm in a negative situation. Positivity cannot reside everywhere, you will have to find it. 

Music: The Best Way To Heal Your Mind

Music is the best way to pour positivity into your life. It wards off all the mental ailments like stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Also, it will make you calmer with freshness. So dip yourself into the world of music and feel the magical effect on your mind. Learn any instrument be it guitar, flute, harmonium, violin, mouth organ, also called harmonica.


There are ample things to ward off negativity from our life. But music is the most sought solution to go for. It heals up your mind and pours positivity into it. Even doctors consider music as the best medicine to cure mental diseases. If you notice musicians and singers, you will always find them cheerful. Music has the power to connect with god. So just imagine what wonder will it do to your mental health! If you don’t know how to play any musical instrument, then learn it. You will feel positive waves in your mind.


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