How to set up your SMTP server for Windows?

SMPT server for windows

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is a set of guidelines that allows the software to transmit electronic mail through the internet. This set of rules is coined as a “program” and is responsible for transferring electronic mail from one computer to another.


Why do you need SMTP servers?


Have you heard about email marketing? It is not possible to mail 1000 consumers about your new scheme in the festive season or at the time of some new launch. Setting an SMTP server allows you to send emails for business purposes.


Also setting the server lets you decide on a domain name that will reflect in your email address. For example, You decide the domain name “”. Now the exemplary domain name will be


Using a protocol to send email is traditional while sending the email directly to the destination by bypassing the SMTP is considered an alternative approach to e-mail. although, sending direct email has multiple limitations to it, which keeps the SMTP approach more trustworthy. Some major limitations direct sending have is that you can’t send an email if port 25 is blocked in your SIP. Thus, using the SMTP protocol is as important as necessary.


There could be many reasons why you should have your SMTP servers.

  • Unlimited daily and hourly outgoing email
  • Instant feedback
  • No shared Internet protocol IP
  • You can control your outgoing email and have full privacy over it


Requirements for setting up local SMTP servers


Although there is no specific requirement for local SMTP servers, still there are certain things to keep in mind


  1. if Port 25 is blocked in your ISPs. The issue can be resolved by contacting an ISP provider. Also, you need to request a correct DNS server and permission for MS record resolution.


  1. You should probably opt for domain and fixed IP associated with it for bulk mail transferring, which in turn increases the resistance to spam filters.

Quick SMTP set up


Setting up the SMTP server is different for different platforms. Here is the review for windows, while other options can be Linux, macOS, Linux, etc.

SMTP set up for Windows

Setting SMTP for Windows is easy due to a variety of software options available. Beginning with the installation we have the following steps inline


  • Select component windows and check for the server and administrative components.
  • Select – window – as database server type and check for the built-in database engine.
  • Create a password in the h-Mail server security window
  • Once installed, run the server




  • Click on Connect and login via entering your password on the website
  • Add any domain name of your choice and click Save. you will observe a domain being created in the left tab
  • Select your Account* folder and click Add* to configure the domain. This will save your email address.
  • Expand Setting* threads and choose Protocols* in default. Unlock POP3 and IMAP and save.
  • Now, go to the advance setting on the left and enable* the localhost. check* the autobahn and uncheck* the Enabled box. Click Save* and come to the utility section.
  • Expand the Utility thread* and select diagnostics*
  • Collect server details and test outbound parts which means these should be marked green.


Now you can start testing via sending a test e-mail. Well, local servers are usually set up for testing purposes. although, It needs masses of efforts to set up your SMTP server. Perhaps, a local SMTP server will be a preferred option for testing purposes. Lucky break!!


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