10 Channels with the Most Subscribers on YouTube in 2023

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If you’re an aspirational YouTuber, you should be looking to find out who has the highest number of users on YouTube.

In the crowd of hustlers, it is possible to will find channels run by a group of skilled teams. Others go for a solo trip to manage the show.

For instance, T-series is the channel with the highest number of users on YouTube. It’s an Indian music business with more than nearly 199 million subscribers, and more than 192 billion views.

Behind this incredible success, is an experienced team of experts who are in charge of every aspect of their main channel, together with another 29 channels available on YouTube.

The biggest challenge is when you must take care of and determine the entire process on your own for your YouTube channel to shine. From choosing the right niche to conducting audience research and finding the best keywords to devising strategies for content marketing!

With the tool for trending YouTube videos, you can find out what videos are the most popular and trending videos.

Channels with the Most Subscribers on YouTube

1. PewDiePie

The first on our list of top performers is Felix Kjellberg who has the most users on YouTube. You may have heard of his channel under the name PewDiePie. The channel was launched on YouTube in the year 2010, but it was 3 years to gain the most users on YouTube.

He reigned as the reigning king of YouTube for six straight years, until T-Series defeated him on the 27th of March 2019. However, he is the most popular user on YouTube. YouTube platform.

He’s from Sweden and has produced lots of content for the gaming industry and has a wide audience of people from all over the world who speak different languages. The reason for this large number of subscribers is the fact that his content is accessible in many different languages.

He also put in a lot of effort to improve his YouTube marketing campaigns, as well as other minor things that most people overlook. It is evident that PewDiePie working with other YouTubers. This can help create a positive community and helps both sides that are part of the partnership.

Currently, he is home to more than 110 million subscribers. He also has an amazing 27 billion views on YouTube. He posted 4300+ videos in 11 years before he reached this level on YouTube.

2. HolaSoyGerman

On the second spot is German Garmendia, who is known for his YouTube channel HolaSoyGerman as well as JuegaGerman. He has even got his own band called Ancud under which he operates a YouTube channel with 1.97 million users.

He joined YouTube in 2006 when he launched a music channel called Zudex. As a Chilean YouTuber, Zudex holds an overall subscriber base of over 80 million across all of his channels. He is also among the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers on YouTube.

Holasoygerman first came into the spotlight on YouTube with his main comedy channel HolaSoyGerman which he launched in the year 2011.

He has captivated a large public in Europe and in the South American region with his talents. At present, he’s engaged with his JuegaGerman channel and uploads a wide variety of videos.

He has managed to achieve the perfect balance between his content creation and the man who manages his channels and strives to expand them all. He also shifts traffic from his main channel to other channels in order to gain an increase in engagements and numbers.

3. Whinderssonnunes

Born in Brazil and has been working long and hard over the past eight years in order to be one of the top YouTubers.

In February 2018, he made an amazing feat with his channel, known as Whinderssonnunes became the top-rated channel in Brazil.

There are currently 43.2 million users on YouTube and has 425 videos posted and over three billion viewers. Additionally, he has a music channel with his name. In addition to his comedy parodies and music, He is also well-known for his film reviews.

The first video he uploaded to YouTube was a huge hit that received 13 million viewers. It’s among the most popular content on the channel.

He has also increased in content quality during this time. He’s an expert at enticing viewers into his videos. He is also able to use his main channel to divert his viewers to other channels.

4. Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto is a Brazilian comedian actor, writer, and obviously YouTuber. Contrary to Whindersson Nunes Batista’s channel, Felipe Neto’s was the first to hit 1 million subscribers in Brazil. He’s just one or two steps further behind the most popular Brazilian YouTuber whinderssonnunes with a staggering subscriber base that is 43.3 million.

At the beginning of his YouTube profession in the year 2010, he was able to discuss movies or celebrities as well as everyday things. In the following years, he began exploring areas like vlogging and video games.

Felipe Neto is highly engaged in his professional activities, apart from his YouTube. This is the main reason that he was named one of Time magazine’s most influential individuals in 2020. Through his openings, his outros viewers are captivated by his content. In addition, he entices first-time viewers by attracting them with his appealing YouTube Thumbnails which encourage viewers to select his video to watch it. This is among the main reasons behind his greater engagement rate.

He has a brother named Lucas who is a well-known Brazilian YouTuber.

5. Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is a Salvadoran YouTuber. His base of subscribers (43.6 million) is greater than the total population of the country in which he resides (El Salvador). He has been uploading fun videos to YouTube since the year 2011. However, after a few years, he began to explore the gaming industry and has become a renowned name in the world of gaming.

Since the year 2018, he’s been present 2018 on Twitch which is an Amazon-owned live-streaming platform that allows gamers to stream across the globe.

Fernando’s channel Fernando is one of the most Spanish-language-based YouTube channels. In the year 2015, Fernando launched his own application titled Fernanfloo which had more than 2.3 million downloads in one week.

At present, he has a total of more than 9 billion and the number of views is increasing every day. Why?

He is extremely interactive with his viewers. They feel like a celebrity through his Q&A videos, as well as some giveaways.

6. ElrubiusOMG

A different Spaniard included on our list of Spaniards is Ruben Doblas Gundersen. Ruben Doblas Gundersen is a household name on YouTube through his channel elrubiusOMG. With an impressive 40.2 million viewers and a viewing of more than 9 billion, he’s one of the most popular YouTubers who speak Spanish.

His content focuses on his vlogs and video games. When we discuss games, how could we forget Twitch? Twitch platform?

Ruben is the fourth most popular player on Twitch. His YouTube experience is 15 years old. In the year 2006 he posted his first video on YouTube and the rest is history.

His most-played game is Fortnite In March of 2018 it was his turn to break the most simultaneously viewed’ records, which were set by Drake, Travis Scott, and Ninja when playing Fortnite on the YouTube Live stream.

7. Luisito Comunica

We had a brief absence from the gaming world, as the 7th most-watched YouTube user is Luis Arturo Sudek. The YouTuber is a Mexican travel blogger who is a fan of travelling around the world, changing the world, and experimenting with the latest and most exciting videos. He assists his viewers to discover the best ways to go about travelling and shares his travel experiences through his videos.

The number of subscribers of 37.6 million, and is the second most-watched YouTube channel in Mexico. Beyond being a YouTuber, he’s also an accomplished businessman.

However, YouTube wasn’t an easy ride for him. He began his very first YouTube channel on the 7th of July 2007 which was a music channel specifically pianos. 

He persevered and launched a new channel in 2012 with the name Luisito Comunica. Since that time, he’s never ever looked back. There is also an English-language channel dubbed Luisito Globally that is designed to appeal to a predominantly American-speaking audience.

8. Luccas Neto – LUCCAS TOON

Does the name seem familiar? It’s true, Luccas Neto is the younger brother of Brazil’s most popular YouTuber Felipe Neto. In the footsteps of his brother the first time he posted his video in 2014 In 2016, it was his turn to surpass the one million subscriber milestone.

In the year following, i.e., 2017 the number of subscribers listed of 10 million. What caused this dramatic increase to occur? One reason could be the viral nature of his videos. Certain of his videos became viral and attracted an influx of new viewers to his channel.

A further reason could be his appealing YouTube page, which has assisted his convert these users into customers. The dominance of his brother in the YouTube world has also contributed to getting a smaller number of viewers.

YouTube platform. His videos tend to be comedy videos. He occasionally vlogs however his originality is evident in his comedy videos.


Samuel de Luque, also popular for his channel vegetta777 is a Spaniard well-known in the gaming industry. He’s the second channel in the list of top popular channels from Brazil.

While he plays a variety of games and publishes a wide range of gaming-related videos on his channel his most popular games is played on the channel Minecraft.

He has an impressive 14 billion views on his Youtube channel which was created in 2008. In addition to being a gaming enthusiast, He is also a participant on Twitch and interacts with his followers, and showcases his gaming abilities.

10. CarryMinati

Being in a nation with the largest population in the world, Ajey Nagar is still the smallest on the list of top 10 the most popular individual YouTubers. At just 21, he accomplished this feat within just 7 years of launching the YouTube channel.

He began his YouTube career in 2014, as an avid gamer. He would stream games, and also add his humorous voice comments to the games. Then he expanded the range of his content, by creating video roasting, tracks for diss, and comedy-related content.

He has reached the milestone that has 30 million viewers on his main channel, has been able to do it with his full talent, and is now the most subscribed channel within India.

There is another channel called CarryIsLive that he launched in the year 2017 and currently has 9.21 million users. The number of YouTube views has reached the mark of 3 billion views. All of these numbers placed him at the 10th spot of Time’s top leaders for the next generation in the year 2019.

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