7 Makeup Essentials To Look Like a Queen in 2022

makeup essentials

Whether you are a bring-all-the-drama person or like to keep it plain and minimalist, one thing remains universal to all women: we all love makeup! As soon as we enter adolescence, we try various makeup products on our faces without even knowing which one is essential and which is not. 

Are you a beginner at makeup?

Then here is a list of products that’d help you to start. 


Have you ever wondered how makeup artists pull out such natural-looking makeup even with many pores and wrinkles on the skin? Primer is the answer. It covers all the pores and lines on the skin and thus prepares a fine canvas to run the brushes. Besides, they also help in making the makeup last longer. So, make sure that this is the first product you use on your face after moisturizing during the everyday makeup rituals. 

Liquid Foundation Makeup

The liquid foundation is the actual foundation for your makeup. This creates an even skin tone throughout the face. Once the primer is applied, the next step is applying the foundation. Make sure you buy a shade that suits your skin tone. The right shade should just blend into your skin tone effortlessly. You can use sponges, brushes, or even fingertips to apply the liquid foundation. But ensure that the foundation is applied evenly on the face.  

Concealer Makeup

Concealers are not only for concealing the blemishes such as pigmentation, dark circles, pimples, and more. A liquid or cream concealer can highlight the face when applied right. But wait, are you planning to apply it with your fingers as the foundation? Then you’re in trouble. Concealer needs a specific way of application. So, keep a fluffy brush ready, and you are good to go. Once done, do not forget to blend it with the foundation again!


Applying eyeliner is the most difficult of the tasks. We have all gone through those times when we have removed our makeup more than twice to get the perfect line but in vain. However, it is one of the essential makeup products you need to own. The liquid eyeliners are the best to apply it with precision. However, ensure that the brush is thin and not too long or short. If you want to apply eyeshadow, make sure you use it before the eyeliner. Choose kohl for the lower eyelid. 


Eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. So, ensure that you own a tube of it in your makeup kit. Sometimes when you do not feel like putting on too much makeup, you can wear only the mascara without the eyeliner and kohl and be out of your home. However, curl your lashes before you apply the mascara so that they don’t hide your eyes. A single coat will be sufficient to highlight your lashes. However, add two coats and finish it off if you want to add more volume. 

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Eyebrow Pencil

Most beginners skip this step and hence, end up looking as if they’ve shaved off all their eyebrows. Colouring your eyebrows and giving them the correct shape is essential. So, use an eyebrow pencil with the opposite shade of your eyeballs. But remember not to overdo it. Keep in mind the gap between the eyebrows and try not to mess up with it.  


Makeup, for most girls, means lipstick. Even if you’ve applied many products on your face, nothing does the magic of the lipstick. Make sure you have more than one shade of these. pink, red, and nude shades are a must. Ensure you remove all the dead skin before you apply the lipstick. If your lips dry after applying the lipstick, apply the lip balm first. For a matte finish, choose the matte finish creme lipsticks. 


There are multiple other products such as BB and CC creams, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, and more. But if you are a beginner, it’s best to keep it simple. Once you’ve mastered the skill, you can go on to use the other products as well. After you use the makeup, it is also important to remove the same properly and take care of your skin.

Happy Shopping!

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