6 Skincare Tips for the Summer For A Flawless Skin

Skincare Tips for the Summer

Finally! The Summer’s approaching, and it’s time to take out those pretty short shirts and sleeveless tops! But hey, have you decided on your skincare routine for the warm weather? Because you don’t want to lose your skin’s glow as you shine under the hot sun. So, go through the article to ensure you have everything to shield your skin against adversities!

Do Not Neglect the Sunscreen – #1 Skincare Tip For Summer

Don’t step out of your house if you’ve not applied sunscreen to all the sun-exposed parts of your skin, including ears, neck, hands, and feet, along with your face. Buy one with SPF-30 protection or more. We all know sunscreen doesn’t stay on the skin for long. So, do not forget to keep an extra tube in your bag so you can apply it back when needed. Don’t apply too much of it at once. It doesn’t stay on your skin just because you’ve used it in ample amounts. That does not mean you apply too little that the sunscreen cannot protect your skin at all. Apply a good amount evenly on your skin every time your skin needs to be exposed under the sun, and you’re good to go!

Do Not Skip the Moisturizer – #2 Skincare Tip For Summer

Who said moisturizers are for winters? No matter what season it is, the skin needs hydration. So, just because it’s Summer, don’t cut moisturizing from your skincare routine. However, make sure these moisturizers don’t clog your skin. That might cause other skin problems such as acne, pimples and inflammation. Go for a lightweight moisturizer that makes you feel comfortable and does not clog the pores. A dual-purpose moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen (with SPF protection) will be a good option if you do not want too many products on your skin. There are multiple products available in the market, and choose the one your skin needs. 

Avoid Too Much Cleansing

We understand that it’s Summer, and you just want to keep the sweat away from your skin. But washing your face at every interval doesn’t help your skin. Splash some water on your face when you feel that you’ve sweated too much but don’t overdo it. Avoid using face wash or cleansers more than twice a day. That may give you dry and scaly skin. You might feel like bathing more than once a day. But avoid being under a shower for too long, especially when you’re using hot water. Again, Avoid the cleansers as much as possible and keep the shower time short. 

Stick to the Minimal Makeup

First of all, you don’t need a lot of makeup when the sun adds that extra glow to your face. Secondly, heavy makeup often tends to clog the skin pores. When you can’t sweat when you should, it results in acne, inflammation and other blemishes. Moreover, wearing heavy makeup doesn’t make sense when you’re already sweating too much. It only creates havoc by getting all smudged up, especially when the oil-based products. So, keep it simple and choose the lighter products. 

Stock Up the Vitamin C Serum

Summers worsen your skin ageing. So, Vitamin C becomes more essential than ever during the summers, and don’t forget to buy enough of it online. Pigmentation is a common phenomenon during the summers, and what’s the better way to avoid it than using vitamin C serum? So, do not skip this magic potion from your skincare routine. Invest in a good vitamin C serum and keep glowing!

Exfoliation is the Mantra

While you keep your exfoliation routine once or twice a week during other times of the year, you can increase this number to 3 to 4 times a week during summers if you have oily skin. The extra oil must get out of your skin. Exfoliation helps any clogged pores open up, and your skin breathes once in a while. Moreover, it is very soothing on the stressed-out skin during the summers.  


So, if you hadn’t yet decided on your skincare routine for the Summer, we just did that for you! But if you have already, make sure you haven’t missed anything by checking on our tips. After all, your skin’s health is as important as your physical and mental health. So, don’t make any mistakes in that!

Happy Summers!


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