5 Interesting Ways To Celebrate New Year With Your Children

Celebrate New Year With Children

With a few days left to ring in the new year- all of us are busy preparing for that much-awaited time of the year. Post-back-to-back festivities, we have gone back to picking up running shoes to come back in shape. To get into shape only to look great at the new year’s eve party. We go on a shopping spree to get the best new year gift for family, children, friends, and colleagues. Curating the guest list, decorating the home and the backyard or the garden area for the bonfire. Learning the recipes of the tasty dishes would make everyone salivate. And most importantly the most exciting element- the new year cake.

There is so much to accomplish within a given period of time. Amidst all of this, we end up forgetting the most important people in our life- our kids. Though maximum new year’s eve parties are all about fine dining and wine, loud music, and adults and only adults. They have to be left at home- feeling lonely or glued to their phone or tab screens watching their favorite cartoons or movie.

This new year, try creating the best memories with your little ones. If you want to spend the new year with your little child, but are clueless about how and where to engage them- then you have landed at the right spot. We have composed a long list of interesting and fun ways to celebrate the new year with your children. From DIY new year gifts to teaching them how to write a gratitude note for the people they love and respect- we have it all covered.

Spend Quality Time With Them

Kids are the easiest to please. They learn so much from their parents, their school, and their surroundings. Spending quality time with them helps them feel happy and secure. With the existence of nuclear families nowadays, kids are left alone, either with servants or nannies at home. Parents hardly get time to communicate with and spend time with their little stars. When they return from work, the kids are already asleep. When you are around them, all they look forward to is your time and attention. Talk to them about what is going on in their school and college lives—their friends, academics, their teachers, etc. This holiday season, try spending some quality time with them- we bet it would be the best investment of the year.

Watch Their Favorite Movies With Them

With children, even adults start behaving like them. Watching cartoons with a tub of caramel popcorn was something all of us loved as kids. This new year go on a movie marathon with your kids. Create a home theater, take a big blanket, and watch their favorite movies the entire evening.

Help Them Create New Year Gifts

You can get all the art and craft supplies and help them make new year’s greeting cards for friends, relatives, and neighbors. You can also teach them how to make DIY new year gifts. Take the help of YouTube and Google if you have run out of DIY gift ideas. They can draw, color, paint, sketch, cut, or do anything to create something cute as a new year gift. Encourage them to use their creativity to the fullest.

Engage Them In Decorations

Kids can be a great help only when they are in the mood to help you; otherwise, they can mess up everything. Ask your kids to help you with the decorations, instruct them with love and have fun while decorating your backyard and home. You can also ask them for new year themes and decorations. As adults, we come up with boating and oft-repeated ideas, but kids can come up with something quirky yet interesting.

Make Them Write A Gratitude Letter

The art of being grateful should be inculcated from childhood. This new year ask your kids to write a letter of gratitude. Firstly, explain to them the meaning of gratitude, its importance in life, and how being grateful can affect your life in a positive way. Ask them to mention at least 3 people they are grateful to that can be God, their teachers, friends, or even a family member. Find more gifts ideas here.

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