What is Business Process Analysis and It’s Steps

Business Process Analysis


Business analysis is the process of identifying business requirements, reviewing them, and finding measures for different business problems. With a successful business process analysis, you understand better your organization’s functions, identify business needs, and create solutions to meet these needs. Moreover, skilled business analysts are important to any team as they can break down the bigger picture into smaller and more manageable pieces. This further enables you to determine how many resources you need to allocate in various situations. Besides, you can work better with business solutions, by taking the Business Analysis online course. Additionally, it will also explain to you the role of different resources the organization requires in order to deliver value to the external shareholders.

Business Processes Analysis:

Typically, there are 8 steps to follow for successful business analysis, they are as follows:

  1. Understand the Requirement

Before starting the process of analysis, you should be clear about your requirements. Besides, there are times when you may join in the midway. So, in that case, you must be well aware of the scope, overall requirements, and business objectives. However, gathering basic information is key before initiating any further analysis. It basically includes;

  • Outline and clarify your role as the business analysts
  • A clear understanding of who exactly are the main stakeholders
  • A brief history of the project
  • Get a clear idea of existing systems and processes in place
  1. Determine the Primary Objectives of the Business

A business process analysis starts with defining the scope. Besides, it is crucial to understand the business’s overall requirements before defining the scope of the actual project. Its responsibility includes;

  • Determine the main stakeholders’ expectations
  • Adding any conflicting expectations and developing a shared understanding of the objectives
  • Assure that all business objectives are clear and attainable
  • Business objectives should define the scope
  1. Look after the Scope

It is important to define a complete and clear statement as a scope. Why? Because this scope will act as the main concept going forward. Furthermore, enabling the team to understand and realize exactly what the business needs. It is crucial to take note that the scope is not an implementation plan, it is only a guide detailing all the steps of the business analysis process. Its responsibility includes;

  • Define a solution method that enables you to find the nature and extent of technological and process changes for implementation
  • Outline a clear statement of your scope and review it further with the stakeholders
  1. Make your Business Plan

The business plan should provide clarity to the overall process of business analysis. Additionally, this plan should answer different key questions. Its responsibilities include;

  • Choosing the most appropriate forms of the deliverables
  • Making a specific list of deliverables, covering the scope, and identifying the stakeholders
  • Ensuring timelines for completing said deliverables
  1. Draft Requirements

It is vital to have clear and actionable requirements. Besides, detailed requirements enable the implementation team with all the information they need to find a usable solution. Its responsibilities include;

  • Collecting information
  • Analyzing the information to create the first draft
  • Reviewing and validating the deliverables set
  • Ask questions to fill gaps
  1. Technical Implementation

The technical implementation team looks after building, customizing, and deploying software on a project. It includes:

  • Analyzing and reviewing the final solution
  • Update the requirement document
  • Working with quality assurance professionals, to ensure the technical requirements
  • Managing additional requirement changes
  1. Help the Company in the Implementation

The goal is to ensure that all members are ready to accept changes. It includes;

  • Training the end-users, to ensure they understand all processes and procedural changes
  • Further working closely with business users
  1. Assessment of the Solution

Throughout the process, there are various key steps involved with big business details and outcomes being discussed. Also, relationships build with problems being solved and changes being made. Besides, it is important to stop and assess the value created by the solution. Further, its responsibilities include;

  • Evaluating actual progress
  • Notify the project sponsor, team, and other members of the company of the results
  • Devise follow-ups


By understanding the structure and dynamics of the organization, the business analysis will help you to find effective solutions to any problems arising within your business.  However, if you wish to learn problem-solving techniques then you can do this by joining the Business Analysis course in Delhi. Owing to the wide variety of analysis tools and techniques available, you find the tools that work best for your business to yield the best results.

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