Ways To Stay Socially Active, Do New Things


Think if you eat the same thing every day. You’ll get tired of that thing. Due to the pandemic, we can’t go outside of the house. It’s pretty simple that we’ll get bored. That is why spending time in different activities doesn’t make us exhausted and bored. Develop[ new things by doing a new activity.


Here are some ways that will help us:

Create a group chat 

In the days of an epidemic, we worry not only for ourselves but also for relatives or friends living in other cities and countries. Setting up a general chat during quarantine is a good way to deal with anxiety about others. In it, you can share how things are going on your territory, find out about the health of the chat participants and support each other. Just try not to turn the chat into a hotbed of rumors and speculation on the topic of coronavirus. This will only add to your concerns. Agree to immediately discuss only significant news, not escalate the situation and remain positive.


Agree to watch and comment on a TV show together

Share a TV show, movie, or TV show with your friends. Choose what to watch, arrange a time and synchronously play the video to everyone at home. So you can exchange impressions along the way as if you were sitting next to each other.


We regularly provide ideas for what to see in our Friday selections. And given the fact that many streaming services became free during quarantine, it won’t be difficult to find suitable content.


Find a company for distance training

This is especially true for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves to train or are simply bored to do it on their own. You can feel less lonely by playing an exercise video.


Another way is to involve a friend or relatives in joint sports. Remind them that physical activity during self-isolation is especially important to help maintain immunity and a positive mood.


Organize a book club

Quarantine gave many people the opportunity to spend time reading their favorite book. Combine this enjoyable leisure time with strengthening your bond with those around you. Pick a book, set a timeline, and read to share your experiences later. You can discuss the works by chapters or in whole – depending on how often it is convenient for you to collect your virtual book club.


Reading together is a good opportunity to look at literature from a new angle, learn to analyze what you have read, and diversify your communication with friends.


Play computer games

Interactive video games also provide space for communication and help you feel connected with people you have never even met. Research shows that during a team computer game, people develop skills in managing people, working together to achieve common goals, and the ability to make quick decisions. So a moderate interest in video games can help in professional development.


Go to the broadcast of your idols

Many TV presenters, artists, bloggers had to temporarily cancel the shooting of programs, concerts, and other events. In order to somehow have fun and feel a connection with the fans, they broadcast live, sometimes even teaming up with colleagues. 


Watching such a broadcast is also quite fun. So you can freely communicate with other viewers, and most importantly, understand that absolutely everyone is boring, lazy, and lonely now. Watching the stars sit at home in their pajamas is even more enjoyable than watching their travels and lavish parties. 


Make your day more productive by doing different things that you’ve never tried. Learn new things, develop your skills, spend your time with your family members. Since, you can’t meet your friends, your loved ones and you’re missing them then make a video call with them. Play online games with your friends. If you love reading then learn new books.


Try things like singing, dancing, learn a new language, new cooking recipes and many more things that you can do. With an online personality generator tool to check a personality that is similar to you.


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