Valentine Special: 7 Destinations Where You Can Make This Day More Special

valentines day

On this valentine’s special day, you may have planned something special for your spouse and nothing would be more beautiful than spending the weekend in heart-pleasing destinations. But, if you still haven’t planned anything yet then we are going to list down some of the best places where you can make valentine’s week more special. 

Following places are the best to spend the special day with your spouse 

  • Mussoorie – 

If you want to sleep in the lap of nature then this place would be best for you. From all over the world visitors come here to visit this delightful place and no matter if you come with your spouse or alone you will always find a sweet companion of nature for yourself. In this world, the heaven-like experience you can only find in the valleys, hills, or scenic views of the Himalayas exists in the land of earth. 

  • Garden of five senses – 

If you want to awaken all the senses of your body then you can visit this place. Another best thing about this place is that – the Garden of Five Senses exists in Delhi, India. So if you are from the Delhi region then you can easily visit this place through the metro and can see multiple things that can chill your mood. Also, there are multiple branded restaurants where you can order food items that you like the most. Situated in the freedom fighter colony and here you can do a nature walk, take the leisure of your favorite foods, and many more. 

  • Lodhi garden – 

Lodhi garden is in Delhi and this is another interesting spot where you can enjoy the afternoon and can relax in a green bedsheet of grass. Also, there are multiple best food stalls where you can taste delicious recipes. This destination exists in Delhi and visitors can enjoy the morning and evening walk near to this place, there is a bonsai garden that is also the best place to visit. To avoid inconvenience someone can go through the metro for an easy and safe journey. 

  • Buddha garden – 

Buddha garden is another most hitting spot for the people who reside in Delhi and this place is situated in a quiet solitude region. Due to this reason, most people encounter some unsafe activities that can ruin the mood, but still, there is a trending spot for couples. All around there are brilliant amenities for eatables, sloping terrain, and a green enclosed region. Not only couples, someone can come here with their friends and can go for a morning or evening walk. If you are looking for the best pre-wedding shoot then this is the best hub for wedding-ready couples. Reaching this place would not be trouble if you have a metro facility. 

  • Deer park – 

Do you want to spend time with your spouse near the beautiful lake, a sheet of flowers and creatures like deer, rabbits or giraffes, etc? 

Believe us if you haven’t visited this place then you are doing a great sin and this place has everything that can fill you with joy or enthusiasm. Surprise your spouse just by bringing them here to visit this place and give an insane gift of heartfelt pleasure. Along with that – visitors can capture pictures of mesmerizing sunrise or sunset and can enjoy the morning or evening walk. This park is situated in the Hauz Khas village and the nearest metro station will help you to reach there. 

  • Parthasarathy rocks – 

If you are willing to spend some solitude alone just by experiencing the pleasure of nature then this place would be the best one. From this place, someone can capture the embracing beauty of sunrise or sunset. The majority of rocky stones and hills you can see and that is the gem of the green exist here. Along with couples, this place is best suited for college students and photographers too. The nearest metro station is RK Puram and through there you can reach this destination. 

  • Delhi Haat – 

Not only Delhi is famous for its pollution and population, but this is also the best place where you see the underrated skill of the local people. Handicrafts, art and crafts, and best cuisines straight from the kitchen. Delhi Haat is the best place for it and someone can shop for beautiful things and gifts for their loved ones. Nothing would be more beautiful than the impeccable gift from this place. The nearest metros station of this place is – INA and there would be a 10-15 minutes walk after the metro. 

Wrapping up – 

What are you still waiting for? These are the best destinations where you must be there and instead of cursing the whole time visit the place for the best experience. If you haven’t time to spend time outside the city then you can visit these places. 

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