How to make Peacock painting using matchsticks!

Peacock painting using matchsticks.

Spruce up your home décor uniquely with this fun and creative peacock painting using matchsticks! This project is easy to do and perfect for adding some colorful flair to any house room. With a few simple supplies, you can make a beautiful peacock painting that you can proudly display. Let’s get started on creating this stunning Peacock Painting using Matchstick!

The supplies you will need

For this project, you will need a few simple supplies. You will need a storage box, matchsticks, acrylic paints, a paintbrush, scissors, glue, and a paper plate. Make sure to pick up a large enough storage box that is big enough for all your matchsticks.
You will also need some acrylic paints in colors of your choice. We used blue, green, and yellow dyes to create our peacock painting. Choose colors that you like, and that will work with the colors of your storage box.
Next, you will need a paintbrush and scissors. Ensure your paintbrush is wide enough to cover the entire matchstick surface. You will also need a paper plate to mix the colors and glue to attach the matchsticks to the storage box. Once you have all your supplies ready, it’s time to get started!

How to prepare the matchsticks

If you want to give your storage box a creative and colorful makeover, you must start by preparing the matchsticks. This step is necessary to create the look of feathers on the peacock painting.
First, gather all of your supplies. You will need the box, matchsticks, scissors, glue, and paint.
Next, cut the matchsticks into small pieces. The size of the articles should be approximately 1 inch in length. This will make it easier to apply them to the box.
Once you have cut all your pieces, begin gluing them onto the box. Start at the bottom of the box and work your way up in a fan-like pattern. You can also use a ruler to help keep the design even and straight. Allow the glue to dry for about an hour before continuing to the next step.
Finally, you can start painting the matchsticks to give your peacock painting some color and life. You can use any color combinations and mix and match as desired.
After the paint has dried, your peacock painting is now ready to be finished with some extra details!

How to paint the peacock

Now that you have the matchsticks ready, it’s time to start painting! You’ll need paint colors, plus white and black paint.

  1. Start by covering the entire box with white paint.
  2. Once the white paint is dry, draw a peacock shape using a pencil on the box.
  3. Paint the peacock with a base color. This can be any color you like, but bright colors make the peacock stand out more.
  4. Using a thin brush, add detailing to the peacock. You can use black paint to outline the design and create a feather effect or add more minor details with different colors.
  5. When the base coat is completely dry, glue the matchsticks to the box in the shape of feathers. Leave enough space between each stick to create a feather effect.
  6. Once all matchsticks are glued down, paint them in various colors. Use lighter colors on the edges of the feathers and darker colors towards the middle.
  7. When everything is dry, you can seal the box with a clear varnish or lacquer layer to protect your work and make it last longer.
    And there you have it – a fun and unique storage box with a beautiful peacock design!

Finishing touches

Once you have completed the painting, it is time to give your storage box a bit of sparkle! You can use glitter or craft jewels to make the peacock look more eye-catching. You can also add some colorful trim or fabric to the box for extra flair. Once you have added all the decorations, it is time to put it all together! Place the top of the TV back on and enjoy your beautiful new peacock storage box!
This project looks fantastic and is a great way to repurpose an old storage box and create something unique for your home. With just a few simple supplies, you can have a beautiful piece of art that will brighten up any room. So go ahead and get creative and make your own stunning peacock painting using matchsticks!

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