The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Home Contractor

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Whether your next home renovation or constuction project is big or small, hiring the right contractor can make all the difference. 

Get Referrals

It’s a fact homeowners are more likely to hire a contractor that a friend recommends. That’s because a trustworthy recommendation speaks volumes to potential customers.

Asking contractors for references is a great way to get to know them before you hire them. It will allow you to see how they work with clients, from their communication style to their level of professionalism.

Online contractor recommendation services are another option. To find a qualified contractor for your project, there are a great deal of sites on the web to help. However, remember that some of these referral sites are supported by fees paid by the contractors, meaning they may be marked up significantly compared to other independent referral services.

Depending on your situation, you may receive a referral from someone you source materials from. For example, if you’ve bought a log home kit from someone like, they will often recommend local contractors in the target area they’re familiar with, someone that knows very well how to construct their log home kits.

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Do Your Research

Once you have your list of potential contractors, it’s time to do some research. Look at their websites, social media, and online reviews. Check if they have the proper licenses, insurance coverage, and certifications for your specific project.

Ask for portfolios of past work and call the contractor’s references. You’ll want to hear about their experience with the contractor, whether they would use them again, and if there were any issues.

You will work closely with your home remodeler during the remodeling process, so you must choose someone who is a good fit for you. It includes their personality, work style, and communication. Please pay attention to how they answer your questions and how quickly they respond. It’s a big sign of their professionalism and dedication.

Get Quotes

It’s essential to get quotes from several contractors before making a decision. This will help you see what each company charges, the caliber of work they offer, and how competitive their prices are.

Once you have a short list of contractors whose past work looks good and who have positive references, ask each to submit a written estimate. Each quote should be based on a well-defined scope of work and provide accurate pricing for materials, labor, overhead, and profit margins.

Additionally, pay attention to how each contractor communicates with you during the quoting process. How they address your inquiries can serve as an indication of their level of success in the project.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to determine whether a contractor will be a good fit for your home renovation project is by meeting with them in person. You can confidently utilize this opportunity to inquire about concerns, deliberate on project specifics, and evaluate communication compatibility.

When meeting with contractors, asking for a portfolio of past work and references is highly recommended. A reliable contractor will be confident in providing such information. Also, be sure to ask about their experience with permits. It’s important that any contractor you hire be familiar with the local regulations for your project.

Finally, be wary of contractors that offer extremely low estimates. It could indicate that they’re cutting corners or are desperate for business.

Sign a Contract

Once you’ve selected a contractor, sign a contract with detailed project costs, a payment schedule, and a project time frame. State law requires all home improvement contracts of over $1,000 to be in writing.

Ask your candidates about their business license status, how they handle warranty service complaints, and whether they carry worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal liability insurance. Good contractors will happily answer these questions and provide you with the necessary paperwork for your review.

Also, pay attention to how your candidates communicate with you. It may be a red flag if they constantly rush you to accept their bid. A quality contractor will allow you plenty of time to consider their proposal and act graciously if you decline it. They’ll also be willing to work with you on a payment schedule.

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