Animal Control in Vancouver vs. Animal Removal

Animal Control in Vancouver

When you notice wildlife doing things they should not, you will want to call someone to help you out. You may want to call experts at animal control in Vancouver whether you see a coyote hanging around in your area or a dead animal on the side of a highway. You may want to call an animal removal service if you notice raccoons in your attic or porch. However, it may confuse you about who you should call as there are animal control and animal removal services. Do not worry if you do not know the right answer. We are going to help you find that out via this post.

What Do Animal Control Services Do?

Animal control and animal removal services may seem to do the same job. However, there is a big difference between these two professionals. Besides, a pretty big difference between the two services is in their offices. First, we shall like you to know what animal control experts do in Vancouver.

The city employs animal control experts. Further, animal control services respond to complaints related to animals from the public. For instance, they may respond to complaints related to animals that are a threat to the health or safety of local residents. Animal control experts respond to different calls from the public. They respond to calls related to animal control entailing wild and domestic animals, and it is how animal control in Vancouver works.

Moreover, animal control experts do the following jobs for the public:

  • Trapping stray animals
  • Enquiring about reports of animal cruelty plus neglect
  • Clearing roadkill
  • Getting complaints of dangerous wildlife and investigating their sightings
  • Enquiring about and enforcing licensing as per the law
  • Investigating claims and aftermaths of animal bites in the community
  • Rescuing animals that trap in public spaces 
  • Making sure pests receive vaccinations against rabies

Rabies is a disease that transfers to animals when infected animals bite them. For the same reason, it is important for pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies. Besides, you will get fined if you do not vaccinate your pets against rabies in Canada.

What Do Animal Removal Services Do?

Unlike a governmental-run agency, animal removal services are for-profit businesses. In addition, they deal with a vast set of problems concerning animal control. Knowing which service you should call will help you effectively deal with the animal problem. Generally, animal removal companies handle a variety of animal issues in homes or properties. For instance, they can help if you have pests in your home or you notice a pest infestation.

Moreover, there are situations in which you can call an animal removal company. Here are the situations when you can call an animal removal service:

  1. If you hear thumps in your ceiling or scratching in walls, you can call an animal removal service for inspection. In other words, if you suspect pest inspection, you can call it. Then, the company can give you an estimate and come up with a plan for animal removal.
  2. You can call an animal removal company to trap and get rid of wildlife. For example, you can call it for trapping and removing snakes, squirrels, and birds from your property.
  3. In addition, you can contact an animal removal service for the removal of dead animals from your property.
  4. Animal infestations typically cause lots of mess and damage to properties. Nonetheless, you can call a professional to clean up the mess from your home that animals may cause.
  5. Animal removal companies can also help you out in preventing animal infestation from occurring again. They can help you out on this after figuring out an animal infestation on your property.
  6. Furthermore, you cannot just trap and relocate animals to a different area as per provincial and municipal regulations. For the same reason, it is vital that you can contact an animal removal company to relocate animals. Animal removal companies can relocate animals to the right area while following the law and regulations.

Comparing the roles that animal control and animal removal companies play, you will realize animal removal companies handle more jobs. Nonetheless, it is also important that you choose the right company if you notice an animal infestation in your home.


You may notice wildlife doing strange things in or around your home. If you do, it may confuse you about who you should choose for animal control. Should you choose a service for animal control in Vancouver or animal removal? Animal control companies are government-run agencies that respond to public complaints for animal control. Conversely, animal removal services are for-profit businesses. In addition, they handle a variety of animal issues. These services can help you while inspecting your home for an animal infestation, trapping & getting rid of wildlife from your home, relocating animals to the right area, etc.

Finish, animal control companies are government-run agencies, whereas animal removal companies do their job for profit.

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