Ten Things to Pack for your First Fishing Trip

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Fishing is quite an adventurous activity. People who like this activity are virtually passionate about it and can efficiently prepare for their trip. However, packing for a fishing trip is a tricky task if you are a novice. If you have not adequately packed your gear, your experience will not be as great as anticipated.  The article gives you the details of an encompassing checklist, including custom fishing shirts, extra layers of clothing, equipment, and personal items that you need to efficiently pack your essentials and have a great experience on your first fishing trip.

1. Custom fishing shirts

Clothing needs plenty of consideration while you are packing for your fishing trip. An adequate outfit ensures a safe and comfortable adventure.  The type of clothing you need depends on the climate of your destination. For tropical and temperate climates. You need something more than a pair of shorts and t-shirts. Fishing is an activity where you have to remain under the sun for a long time. The extreme sun heat can cause skin burn, exhaustion, dehydration, and even heat stroke without good layering to cover your skin. Since you don’t want to turn your lifetime trip into a miserable memory.

Pack cool but sun-protective clothes if you intend to fish in a warm place. The ideal choice is lightweight and long-sleeved moisture-wicking fishing shirts. These types of shirts will give you plenty of ventilation while keeping the sun rays off your skin. Pair your fishing shirt with some rugged moisture-wicking pants. Moisture-wicking clothes dry fast if you are sweating or wet from the water splashes. Buy a batch of custom fishing shirts. So you have plenty of clothing for your entire trip. With custom fishing shirts, you will remain prominent and stylishly attired among your fishing partners, which will indeed boost your confidence even when this is your first time.


2. Extra layers

Few pairs of moisture-wicking lightweight shirts and pants are sufficient if you are fishing in a warm climate.  However, if your destination is somewhere in cold temperatures, such as Canada or Alaska, you must pack extra layers of clothing for the trip. Pack extra socks and underwear to change, in case you get soaked while catching a big fish. According to the climate, rain gear, waterproof pants, hats, gloves, and sunglasses are all necessary items that protect you from various hazardous elements of weather conditions. UV Buff, Bandanna, and other face protection cover your face in severe climates.


3. Footwear

Water shoes, waders, or sandals are best for fishing trips as they protect you from slipping on wet surfaces. It is better if you are wearing close-toed wading shoes. However, sandals are enough to serve as suitable footwear if you are fishing from the comfort of your boat. In winter you can replace your sandals with boots.


4. OTC and prescribed medications

Make sure you have a separate waterproof package with your medication in it. If you take a regular prescription, ensure that you have packed extra doses for any emergency delay in your return. Keep some Over-the-Counter medicines as well so you can use them in case of unexpected headaches, stomachaches, and fever.


5. First aid kit

Keep a small first-aid kit handy when you are on the water. You can get a cut, bruise, and minor scrapes anytime on an adventure trip. Equip your first aid kit with bandages, gauze, alcohol swabs, medical tape, antihistamines, pain relievers, and antibiotic ointment.


6. Toiletries:

You don’t want to reek of fish and seaweeds during your adventure trip. Pack some small plastic bottles with body wash, shampoo, body wash, etc. Either choose clear two oz bottles for everything or label them so you can identify them.

7. Sunscreen:

As mentioned before, fishing is an activity where you have to remain under the sun for a long time. You can have all types of skin issues with so much exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Therefore, plenty of sunscreens is something that you can not afford to skimp while you are packing for your fishing trip.

8. Important documents

Don’t forget your essential documents in excitement of your first fishing trip. Keep your passport, identity cards, and other required documents for national and international trips. A little care at the time of packing can save you from the absolute worst feeling of realizing at the border that you have left your essential documents on your nightstand at home. So recheck all your things before leaving the house.


9. Fishing gear:

Since you are not a pro at fishing and don’t know how to improvise, therefore, you can not afford to leave anything from your fishing gear. As a precaution, make a separate checklist for your fishing gear. This way, you will keep everything in your fishing gear vital for a successful fishing adventure. Rods and reels, lures, flies, and terminal tackle, line, and leader are things that you should take in spare too. Keep everything in a large waterproof duffel bag.


10. Camera

A good Camera is not something that you consider essential. It is a luxury that you should have on your first fishing trip. Whether you catch some fish or not, your first trip is memorable for you. A camera will help you in keeping these memories safe for you for a lifetime.

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11. The last tip

Your packing should not be a core for you. Fishing is an enjoyable adventure, and preparing for it gives you stimulation for the trip. Consider your packing process as a part of your trip and enjoy the task. Put on some music, keep your checklist before you, and start packing, anticipating the great adventure ahead.

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