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famous food in thailand

It’s a known fact that Thai cuisines always have a mixture of Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia because it’s not easy for any restaurant just to have a Thai menu. Thai food always has a mixture of spices from different countries as well. But that’s a story that is applicable outside Thailand. When you take a Thailand tour package with Thailand Tourism, make sure your agents do not arrange for only restaurant foods rather sit with the locals and have authentic Thai food. Here’s a list of few authentic Thai foods that you should try:

  • Massaman Curry: The Thai word for Muslim is Massaman. Well, the origin of this dish is still a mystery, but I believe that the Malaysians brought the dish. The dish is very different from that of other Thai curries because the spices used are significantly less. The main spices that are used are Cardamom, Cinnamon, and anise. The dish is both spicy and savory in flavor because of the tamarind paste and coconut paste blending. 


  • Pad Kra Prao: If you have planned to stay around localities and dine with them, this is a dish that they consider their go-to food when they do not feel like cooking. Well, this minced pork dish can eat at any time of the day. This dish serves with a jasmine rice pad of Kra Prao and minced pork, fish sauce, and chopped chilies. Well, if you do not prefer pork, then this dish has a variant of Beef and chicken as well. 


  • Khao Soi: This is a north Thai Staple food. A yellow rice noodle soup that you will find in every corner of Thailand as it is one of the well-known street foods. This has an eclectic taste because of the existence of recipes from Laos and Myanmar. Pas pastes are an essential part of Thai cuisine; this also comes with an oil-chili fried with coriander paste.  This comes with noodles, pickled cabbage, and minced pork or chicken. 


  • Beef salad: This is the iconic dish of Phuket. This serves as an alternative to mango salad. The tin-grilled slices of beef, tossed with spearmint, onions, and garlic, make it ideal for tourists who do not wish to compromise on their healthy eating even on holiday. 


  •  Stir-fried Glass noodles: This is not a pad Thai food but has been around for the longest time now. Mung beans, noodles, and other ingredients this is foods that can beat any Chinese dish. If you are a noodle person, this is a dish that will match your taste buds. 



The cuisines of Thailand Tourism are made so that it has all the qualities to make a person spellbound because of its aroma. The sauces and cream that use in the flavor snacks, follow all Processes. The primary purpose of Thai cuisine is to have a balance of five flavors- butter, sweet, sour, spicy, and salty.

The central motif of these Thai cuisines is to tickle down every taste bud of yours. Thai food is a lot spicier, but with time and the cultural mix that kept happening with the tourists, various experiments done, and the evolution in the food was commendable. The best food in Thailand is in Phuket there is a lot of variety of food is there and Thailand Tourism is famous for their food in Phuket.

For example, in Thai appetizers, Chicken Sataya is one of the most wanted dishes amongst tourists. Kids also love it’s not just a favorite dish for adults but also its sweet and sour flavor.  Tom yam Soup is the most loved in soups because of the delicate blend of mushrooms and vegetables.

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