Study in UK: A Deep Dive into all the Expenses

Study in UK

Study in the UK

Studying abroad is a dream for all students. But the expenses that come attached with it have always been a burden for them. The UK is one of the most popular places for international students. It is necessary to consider all aspects of studying in the UK before taking a step forward. Whether you are willing to study in UK from India or from anywhere else, the expenses are a major concern among all students.

The UK has been a preferred destination for international students, thanks to its academic brilliance and student life. But if the costs will permit or not remains a question. You need to consider all the costs while planning your international education in the UK. It is necessary to understand the various expenses such as tuition fees, visa expenses, accommodation, and transport expenses while planning your stay in the UK.

It is important to choose a good university and the right course and apply for the right academic degree. There are many universities in the UK, and you have to be careful while choosing one. To help you with the process, here’s a detailed insight into the expenses of studying in the UK.

Tuition fees

Tuition fee is the primary expenditure for students willing to study abroad. You need to know the expenses according to the course you are applying to and the university you are applying to. It is important to know the expenses you have to incur to study in the UK. Here’s a list of expenses as per the subjects offered by various universities in the UK:

Bachelor’s courses

Programs Annual Average Fees (in GBP) Average Annual Fees (in INR)
Engineering 17,309-23,800 16-22 lakhs
Arts 10,818-16,227 10-15 lakhs
Medicine courses 32,454-43,272 30-40 lakhs
Nursing courses 16,227-19,473 15-18 lakhs
Dentistry 32,454-37,863 30-35 lakhs
Law 16,227-19,473 15-18 lakhs
Diploma courses 10,818-16,227 10-15 lakhs

Masters’ courses

Programs Annual Average Fees (in GBP) Average Annual Fees (in INR)
Engineering 15,145-21,636 14-20 lakhs
Arts 10,818-16,227 10-15 lakhs
Doctoral degree 15,145-19,472 14-18 lakhs
MBA 10,818-43,272 10-40 lakhs
Management courses 9,736-37,863 9-35 lakhs
Medicine courses 27,045-37,863 25-35 lakhs
Dentistry 21,636-32,454 20-30 lakhs
Law 14,063-37,862 13-35 lakhs


Students willing to pursue a Ph.D. in the UK must know the costs of studying in the UK. Here’s a look into subject-wise tuition fees for Ph.D. students in the UK:

Program Fees per annum (GBP)
Ph.D. in Computer Science 22,200-33,250
Ph.D. in Medical Science 24,000-32,352
Ph.D. in Engineering 22,704-32,352
Ph.D. in Sociology 19,338-24,450
Ph.D. in Law 18,740-25,758

Cost of studying engineering in the UK

Engineering is one of the most popular subjects among students. The major reason for such popularity is that professional engineers have the lowest unemployment rate, and the industry is responsible for 40% of the UK’s total GDP. So, if you are planning to pursue an engineering degree in the UK, here’s a look into the costs of studying:

Program Duration Annual Fees (in GBP)
B.Eng. 4 years 27,614
B.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering 3 years 34,156
B.Eng. Chemical 3 years 27,044
B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering 3 years 24,000
B.Eng. Civil Engineering 4 years 27,500
M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering 11 months 34,296
MSc. Advanced Aeronautical Engineering 1 year 32,500
M.Eng. Civil Engineering 1 year 28,530
MSc. Advanced Control and Systems Engineering 1 year 25,000
MSc. Advanced Chemical Engineering 1 year 28,150

Cost of studying Diploma/Certificate courses in the UK

The country also offers various Diploma and Certificate courses to international students. Here’s a look into the costs of studying Diploma/Certificate courses in the UK:

Program Fees
PG Diploma in Law 9,850 EUR
PG Diploma in Human Resource Management 13,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Banking and Finance 16,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality management 13,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Nursing 17,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Computer Science 27,482 EUR
PG Diploma in Pharmacy 22,450 EUR


PG Diploma in Sales 13,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Data Science 10,165 EUR
PG Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management 9,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Business Analytics 9,450 EUR
PG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology 28,212 EUR
Diploma in Art and Design 17,560 EUR
Diploma in Psychology 18,560 EUR
Diploma in Forensics 17,560 EUR
Diploma in Business Administration and Management 16,450 EUR
Diploma in Accounting 14,346 EUR
Diploma in Film Making 23,000 EUR
Diploma in Journalism 7,800 EUR
Diploma in Marketing 7,800 EUR


  • Accommodation Cost

You need to consider all other costs if you want to study abroad in the UK from India. While planning your finances, you need to consider all other costs in addition to tuition fees. Tuition fee is the primary expense, but you need to know all other costs while studying in the UK. Here’s a look into all other costs you need to consider while studying in the UK:

Particulars Average monthly expenses (in GBP)
Visa Charges 1015-1265 (one-time)
Accommodation (Outside London) 1050 per month
Accommodation (London) 1200 per month
Utilities 350 per month
Sustenance 250 per month
Transportation (Outside London) 120 per month
Transportation (London) 150 per month


You need to consider these expenses while planning your stay in the UK. The country offers the best education and is home to many world-class universities, but it is important to understand the costs associated with it to plan things properly. Students must consult with any study-abroad service providers to understand and get the necessary help with applications for colleges and student visas. You need to know the best ways to handle your finances and prepare yourself accordingly.

To end,

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students and welcomes students from all over the world. Indian students willing to study in the UK must understand and choose the course best suited for them and prepare themselves for a better future. The country offers the right job opportunities to students after they graduate. You need to be careful while choosing a course and have everything ready to sail through the application process. Sign up with a study-abroad consultant to get the necessary assistance with the process. It will ease the entire process and help you apply on time.

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