Kitchen Colour Combination Trends That You Should Follow

Kitchen Colour Combination

The most important room in a house is the kitchen because this is where energy for the human body is created, aka food. Thus, the kitchen is representative of your personality, taste, and style. One can understand almost everything about a person through their kitchen décor and furnishing which is why keeping your kitchen clean, and bright is highly essential. A dull kitchen is a sad kitchen and by adding colours, you can improve the overall look of your household. Using the correct colour tones and combinations will make your kitchen look modern, relaxed, and improve your productivity levels significantly.

If you are looking to build or renovate your kitchen using the best and trendy colour combinations, then this blog is perfect for you. Mentioned below are the top kitchen colour combination trends that you can use.

Small-Sized Kitchen Colour Combination Trends

Most kitchens in average homes are compact and small-sized. But this is no excuse for not keeping your kitchen good looking and making it look spacious. Such small-sized kitchens look best in soft shades, especially neutral tones.

White is one such popular colour found in most small kitchens. Using white, off-white, or ivory will uplift the kitchen by making it look bigger and allow natural light to permeate better. Even if you have too many things in your kitchen, white will make your kitchen feel less cramped. You can either have monochrome white in a small kitchen or white with some other light shade. If you want to be a bit bold, you can combine white and black together either as solid walls, or checked, striped walls. Or else, you could paint your walls white and balance it with dark shaded cabinets and shelves.

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Coming to using other light shades in the kitchen, you can go for pastel colours. These include soft azure, cream, beige, soft pink, sky blue, olive, etc. These shades are also great in making your kitchen area look bigger than its actual size and give it a warm, clutter-free look. If you want, you can either combine different colours together to make your kitchen look unique.

Medium-Sized Kitchen Colour Combination Trends

Medium-sized kitchens are very common. Such kitchens are designed in any way depending on the person’s wish. They can either include a modular look or maintain its traditional touch. Most medium-sized kitchens look best with grey, yellow, and blue.

People often underestimate the power of grey thinking that it will make the room look dull or bland. If you want to go for the grey shade then know that this metallic shade will perfectly blend into your kitchen. Most modern homeowners who wish to own a contemporary kitchen with an aesthetic touch to it usually go for grey shades. Grey has multiple hues to it, so, you can choose either the dark or light grey palette depending on how you want your kitchen to look like. Grey can also be perfectly combined with almost any other colour whether dark or light.

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Simultaneously, if you want your kitchen looking extremely bright, then using bright yellow will be a good choice. Yellow screams happiness, and those who follow the Vaastu Shastra policy know that yellow is a highly recommended colour for the kitchen. Not only does it make your space area look bigger and cleaner, but also makes natural light look best. If you do not want to go monochrome with yellow, then you can combine yellow with shades such as white, beige, and sky blue.

Blue is a very calming colour, and when applied in the kitchen, one automatically feels relaxed and nice. There are many shades of blue that you can use on the kitchen walls or furnishings such as sky blue, navy blue, turquoise, or royal blue. Whether you want to have solid blue walls or furnishings, or combine it with different complementing shades, this colour is perfect for your kitchen. Blue will make your kitchen look bold, classy, and luxurious.

Big-Sized Kitchen Colour Combination Trends

You are among the lucky few if you have a big-sized kitchen spreading over a huge space. Because you have to make sure that such a big kitchen looks good, setting the tone for the entire house. With a big kitchen, you can go for classy neutral tones, or bold industrial looks. A big kitchen gives you the freedom to colour it however you want to.

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Black kitchens have an intrinsic elegance about them. They appear to be effortlessly slick and costly. But if you are not too fond of using only black, you can combine it with a shade of pop such as white, purple, cream, or blue. You can then perfect the balance between dark and light in your kitchen.

Combining brown with white or beige tones are also very popular in achieving a modular kitchen look. They give out a warm feel especially in large spaces. The best thing about big-sized kitchens is that you can combine more than two shades if you like.


Your kitchen should be designed in such a way that it promotes positivity and productivity. The way your kitchen is kept has a direct effect on your mood and personality. This makes choosing appropriate colour combinations for your kitchen important along with the furnishings. To get a better insight on how to go about choosing colours that will look best on your walls and style. You can contact an interior designer. Applying the best styles will give your kitchen a glamorous and contemporary look.

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