How to Write the Introduction Chapter of a Dissertation?

Introduction Chapter

There are usually five to six chapters in a dissertation. These include the introduction chapter, literature review, and methodology as the main ones. Apart from this, there are chapters of results, interpretation, and conclusion as well. There are several instructions to complete a research paper. You must follow the guidelines, font, and formatting style that is advised. You also have to provide references to avoid plagiarism. An introduction is the first chapter of any research work. It is the section of a paper where you introduce your topic to the readers.

This section of the dissertation contains 10% of the total word count. So if you are writing a 10,000 words dissertation, it will comprise of 1000 words. This part of the dissertation will depend upon two things. You can write the introduction chapter depending upon results of the original research. You can also write this part with the help of various sources to gain educational achievement. This article aims to discuss how one can write the introduction chapter of a dissertation. In this regard, there are several tips that you can make use of. Let’s discuss these in detail;

Introduction of Your Topic:

The very first part of your dissertation’s introduction chapter is to introduce the topic. It is your responsibility to tell the readers why this topic is important. It will help you in starting your dissertation with a strong hook. A hook is a statement that will help you in grabbing the attention of your reader. It will also help you in managing the relevance to your topic. In this regard, you can start this part with a quotation, or an interesting fact. You can also start this part with a question or anecdote.

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Describe The Background:

The second part is describing the background of your topic. This part will depend upon the approach you have taken for your dissertation. Through an argumentative approach, you will explain some of the generic information. If you have opted for an empirical approach, you will present the previous researches. In this regard, you will be able to highlight the relevance to your research topic. Once you have grabbed the attention of your reader, you can provide some more information. It will also help in narrowing down your topic.

Explain Your Research Problem:

The next part is explaining your research problems. It will help you in justifying how your research will help you address these problems. This part will help you in explaining what you want to achieve as well. Apart from this, it will help you in grabbing the attention of your reader. You will explain to the reader how your research topic is important. It is important for you to find the research gap. If you identify it, you can successfully conduct your research.

Research Aims and Objectives:

The next part of your research is related to the explanation of your research aims and objectives. It will help you in explaining to your readers what you intend to find. There are again several ways to write this part. In an argumentative style of paper, you will present a thesis statement. In an empirical type of paper, you will pose a research question. Apart from this, you can write this part with the help of a hypothesis. In short, this part will depend upon the approach you have taken for your dissertation.

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Mapping Out Your Research Paper:

According to a dissertation writing service, this part of the research paper is mapping out the specifics. In later stages of the introduction chapter, you will present a brief summary. It will help you in explaining how you will write the rest of your research paper. You should write this part in the present tense. In this part, you can explain to your reader the type of method you will be using. It is a summary that will help you in explaining the rest of your paper.

Provide References:

An important thing that you should remember is the provision of references. If you are providing any statistics, you need to give a reference. Apart from this, you should provide references for any of the facts you have stated. References will increase the credibility of your research. At the same time, you should not provide several references for one point. It will also help you in avoiding plagiarism. It is an academic offence that may lead you to complete failure.

Avoid Unnecessary Details:

Avoiding unnecessary details is another important thing that you should remember. You should avoid adding unnecessary details and information. You should only include information related to your topic. If you write unnecessary information, your reader will lose interest. It is your responsibility to keep your reader engaged. In this regard, you should ensure the relevancy of ideas. It will make your research interesting, and you will not lose the reader’s attention either.

Check the Requirements:

It is important for you to read the instructions of your dissertation. You have to write your dissertation according to those requirements. Your research advisor will provide you with these instructions. You have to follow the font style, size, and formatting requirements. Apart from this, there is always a word count instruction for every chapter. There are instructions for references based provisions as well. There are different referencing styles such as MLA, APA, and Harvard. You have to follow all these instructions. It will help you in drafting a good piece of paper.

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There are five or six major chapters of a research paper. The introduction chapter is the very first one. It is the chapter that helps the writer in introducing his topic to his reader. Apart from this, he should provide research aims and objectives within this part. You should provide the background information in this part. You should also explain the research problem. It will help you in grabbing the attention of your reader. It will also help you in highlighting why your research topic is important. You should also provide a summary of your research work. At the same time, you should provide references, and avoid any unnecessary details. There is another important thing that you should remember. It is a fact that you should write all these things in 10% of the dissertation’s word count allowed for this chapter.

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