How to Upload PST to Office 365 without any data loss?

PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

Summary: This small write-up will take you to the quick and safer solution to upload PST to Office 365 hassle-free. So kindly read this complete blog not to miss any of the information.

PST files are associated with MS Outlook, which users use to access their data. These files are stored in the local drive of the user system, which they can also transfer from one system to another to comply with others. However, there is always a risk attached to it which can create problems for users to access it.

File corruption is one of them that makes user PST file inaccessible. So, due to this, many users look to upload PST to Office 365 in order to prevent data loss. Also, moving towards cloud-based service has many advantages in comparison to working with an on-premises environment.

This blog will cover the relevant information, including the solution to import the user PST files into Office 365 account.

How to Import PST files to Office 365 mailbox

Multiple reasons push users to look into Office 365 from Outlook. Data safety is one of them which attract most users to go with Office 365. Not only this, but it provides multiple apps that make collaboration so easier than before.

Many users are seeking a reliable method that can take them to upload PST to Office 365 quickly. To clarify the method available and procedure to do the task, we will now update you with well-known solutions.

The first and foremost manual solution allowing the user to move their PST file into Office 365 is the network upload method. In this method, users will need to put their PST files in the Azure storage location and, then, move them into Office 365. Another one is the drive shipping method which will ask users to put their PST file into the hard drive. And later on ship it to any of the nearest Microsoft locations.

Whatever will be the end result, this method will consume a hefty amount of time, and proper preparation is required to complete the migration. Moreover, non-technical users can choose this method to upload PST to Office 365, as a single mistake can put them into deep trouble.

Therefore, it is wiser to choose a method that can allow all to accomplish the migration without facing any issues missing in the manual methods.

Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration Tool: A good approach to import PST to Office 365

We have seen that practicing manual methods requires a lot of time and resources to succeed. However, this PST to Office 365 Migration tool will help you to upload PST to Office 365 in a couple of steps. It can move all components of the PST files, like emails, contacts, calendars, etc., into Office 365.

The software offers several features. However to make you aware of some of its top-notch functionalities and we have prepared a list of them.

  • It enables users to upload their PST files in multiple numbers without considering their sizes. Even the tool can also process them all simultaneously.
  • Users can import PST to Office 365 archive, primary, and another mailbox. The software will also maintain the folder hierarchy and the meta-properties of each PST item.
  • It is available with the data filter option, which is based on different criteria and allows the user to process their data based on it.
  • The software supports the incremental export option to ensure that only the remaining data goes into the process when the user resumes the process.
  • Its folder mapping facility helps map the source folder with target folder to ensure it does to the selected folder.
  • The tool also comes with a free evaluation version that allows users to check out how it works. Using a free version, users can import PST files, but the only restriction is that the software only processes the first fifty items from each folder.

Wrap Up

Here, we have a list-up solution that will make it easier to upload PST to Office to a great extent. We will not suggest users focus on the manual method as they take too much time to process single mailboxes compared to the third-party software. So users can straightaway pursue third-party tools to make their tasks easier. Even its trial version is available, which allows them to check its functionality before buying it.

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