High Heels: Smart Tricks to Wearing It Without Pain

Wearing high heels is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. But then comes the excruciating pain. Yes, even Louboutins will make you question your purpose in life. One might argue the necessity of putting yourself through said pain, but anyone who loves a good heel knows it’s worth it all.

There is a right heel for every occasion, from pairing a stunning stiletto with your favourite blazer suit to a sundress with your favourite kitten heels. The versatility of this shoe type is enough to draw anyone into its fold.

You see, once you realise how powerful heels are in transforming your outfit, there is no going back. Ocean Vibes Naples has some vibrant designs for all your outfits for the week and the weekend!

Why Do High Heels Make the Feet Hurt?

A slightly arched back shifted the centre of gravity, and the catwalk that comes with it will hurt your feet. The foot’s plantar fascia bears the brunt of an unstable heel connected to the lower back and pelvis. When one shifts their weight from the heel to the balls of the feet, they are forced to arch their back, causing severe lower back pain and foot discomfort. This discomfort may further lead to several injuries such as:

Forefoot Pain

Heels shift the entire weight of the wearer to the forefront of the foot, which adds unwanted stress to the metatarsal bones, which may lead to stress-induced fractures or neuromas.

Toe Bunions and Deformities

Hammertoes, bunions, and other deformative problems can become quite prominent if feet are stuffed into shoes with a pointed toe.

Posture Concerns

A compromised posture is one of the most common side effects of wearing heels. You will notice that your body distributes weight unevenly when you walk through your gait, and the pressure then falls to the hips and knees, leading to long-term health issues.

Heel Injuries

Heel injuries are relatively common among people who wear taller heels. Haglund’s deformity and a shortened Achilles tendon are conditions prevalent among heel wearers

Ankle Sprains

This has more to do with the stability of the heel, but a slight weight shift can cause your foot to twist, and you may end up with an incredibly painful sprain.

Foot Arch Pain

Heel-wearers often end up with severe pain around the arch of the foot. So much so that it is painful for them to stand or walk barefoot.


Consistently wearing heels without giving your feet time to relax can cause all of the mentioned injuries. Opt for well-crafted heels from Ocean Vibes Naples if you often enjoy wearing heels. 

Tips for Avoiding Foot Pain Caused by High Heels

Apart from giving your feet a break, there are several ways to avoid injuries and discomfort.

Tape those Toes

Anisha Joshi, an osteopath, agrees with the taping method. You can tape your 3rd and 4th toes together to limit pressure on the ball of the foot. Removing pressure from the split nerve in these two toes reduces strain on the foot, preventing any severe injuries to the foot’s structure.

The Fit Must be Right

The right fit is necessary to keep the feet stable while walking, and this helps keep the most killer heel in your closet comfortable. Dr Naomi Braithwaite, a shoe expert, suggests using gel insoles to comfort the foot further, especially if you plan to walk or stand all day!

The gel insoles add a cushion to the ball of the foot, which helps relieve some pressure from it. The problem with heels lies mainly with the stress a heel exerts on the ball of the foot instead of evenly distributing it. Adding a gel insole helps even out the pressure along the entire foot.

Decide on a Comfort Level

Comfortably wearing heels comes from trial and error. Find a heel that works for you. Wedges are often the perfect fit for anyone who wears heels regularly. However, it isn’t everyone’s cup of style, and you may be a fan of a good cone heel.

The trick is to find a balance between the height of the shoe and balanced weight distribution. For this, you might want to switch to comma heels or dive into the 70s with a flared heel.

Preparation Can Help

If you wear heels regularly, you might want to keep an ‘emergency kit’ for your feet. Since foot problems are a given, it is best to prepare gel inserts, bandaids, and anti-blister solutions.

Furthermore, you can keep a pair of comfortable shoes in your bag to change. This is especially useful for anyone who doesn’t generally don a heel. In reality, heels can get a little much at the end of the day, and switching to flats that soothe your sore feet is the way to go.

Break Them In

This tip cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you consider yourself an avid heel-wearer or trying out a new style, break your heels in!

Shoes, especially heels, have a penchant for surprising you, and mostly these are the pleasant kind. Wear a new pair of heels at home or somewhere where you can remove them without hesitation once they start to feel uncomfortable.

Take Care of your Feet

Blistered feet, chipped nails and coarse heels are no friends to heels, and these conditions will only worsen the aftermath of wearing lady gaga-inspired shoes. Even wearing the most comfortable platform heel will be a nightmare if your foot health is compromised.

Therefore, follow a regimen of foot soaks, some lovely pedicures, and many moisturisers, especially a day or two before an event.

In addition to physical, make sure your diet is healthy, and you aren’t prone to severe conditions such as diabetes that can affect how you heal from blisters.

What Next?

Don’t give up! As motivational as this sounds, you don’t have to give up your fashion sense just t avoid heels. With suitable precautions and proper foot care, you can certainly rock a pair of tall slim heels without the consequences.

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