Five easy ways to improve your looks!

Five easy ways to improve your looks!

“Stop getting worried about what could go wrong, instead focus on what could go right!”

Changing your appearance is a silent wish every woman owns inside. When you feel more than just ready, it shows on your face. Changing small things can make a huge difference. Simply change your lip color and see! 

From changing lip color to wear something out of your comfort zone is what you can do initially. But I must say there is a lot in this journey of self-transformation. Realizing the need for change is a crucial step in itself. Thus I want to congratulate those first who made this first step in the direction already.

It is essential to look within yourself why you want a certain kind of transformation. When you are clear about it, then it won’t need much time to see the transformation. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss some tiny things that can reflect a colossal change in your overall appearance. Out of these, some are based on the reviews of different people, while some came from the experience of self.

5. Wear more colors

If you are one of those who wear some specific tones of colors then this tip will help you feel different instantly. Most of us stick back to black, greys, and white. Giving a break to your like-toned clothes containing similar tones and wearing some happy and different colors instead help you revamp your mood. And of course, makes you more attractive as well! 

4. Investing in your skin

Who doesn’t want glowing polished skin? No, I’m not asking you to wear makeup this time but for sure for supplements and things. Believe it or not, your body deficiencies are clearly visible on your face. Investing in your skin not only gives you confidence outside but helps you feel better inside as well. Good looking skin also reduces the amount of makeup you wear regularly and lets you feel more considerably beautiful.  

It is equally important to invest in your skin just like your clothes. Try to listen to the symptoms your skin is showing and go for the responsive active. You can start by consulting the dermatologist if facing dull and rough skin problems. They will guide you for the supplements which not only help you look better but your mind will also get nurtured. These supplements will work on the overall health of your body rather than focusing on your looks.  

3. Learn to carry yourself

I cannot force the importance of standing and walking straight! It is seen that people who don’t feel confident enough tend to have lousy shoulders. If you are working on your appearance, the way you carry yourself has a huge role to play. 

It is of no surprise that each one of us needs certain guidance for this. YouTube can be beneficial to let you analyze the body changes when you walk long and straight. The way you look when you walk straight vs. when you walk with your shoulders curved is an important aspect to see when you walk in front of the mirror.

I’m not asking you for a model walk from your way to the grocery shop. As it will look artificial and make you feel awkward as well. But I’m asking you to walk gracefully with your shoulders nicely stretched backward, spine straight, and foot distance of a generous distance that suits your height and weight.

Another factor to emphasize is carrying the clothes. Don’t let your clothes wear you. Make sure you choose the outfit that you can command over. Getting it?

No matter what you wear. If you are not comfortable then it will show on your face. Changing the way you appear is not merely based on the clothes you wear. It is based on how you are carrying the piece you are wearing.

2. Exercise and fuel 

You cannot change your appearance without changing your lifestyle. Yes, clothes, makeup, and every outside thing are important but doing a mini-workout will let you gain certain clarity in carrying yourself.

You can clearly observe your weight getting more organized in your body. Simply put little effort like walking, running, skipping, etc. improves the blood circulation in the body. And, You will start feeling more fresh and active throughout the day

Getting toxins out in the form of sweat will help your body detox and cleanse itself inside.

To deter it more, you can do some handful of changes in the food like eating raw veggies, including colorful fruits in diet, having a balanced diet including multiple vitamins, etc.

1. The game of imagination

Whenever we put certain imagination and involvement in the process, things become way more effective. The same is the case with the change you want. 

Sit silently with your eyes closed and imagine yourself the way you want to be. What aspects you want to change. Are changing clothes you wear work or you need to transform into other aspects as well?

Ask yourself multiple questions, don’t worry it’s you talking to you so no matter how childish the questions are. See it as deep as you can, feel the body changing the way you want. 

Nothing will happen overnight but for sure, this game of imagination will never let you lose no matter what phase of life you are in. Our body and mind are connected in such a manner that when you start imagining your body starts behaving that way. Do it for some days with as much involvement as you can and thank me later.

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