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Digital Marketing Career

Hi !

You are here to read my blog, & that’s tells me a lot about what you are looking for

Firstly, I can guess you have recently learn about digital marketing, from somewhere, but still dont understand it completely.

Well, the short answer is, whatever you do, to promote something digitally. that is digital marketing. That includes Search Engine Ranking, Create Social Media post, Create Video for Youtube, Send an email, just everything.

& I guess secondly the question you have is :

 Is Digital Marketing a Right Career in India?

I hope I can give you a simple yes or no reply, but the answer is complecated, Why complecated?- well let me tell you my journey & you will know.

Well, before we start, I just remembered you still don’t know my name, right?- It’s Nilanjan Maji

I am a digital marketer from India, I started my journey in the digital marketing field back in 2018.  That was the time of IT.  All my friends went for IT that time. From my batch only I choose Digital MArketing as my career. I took a six month course, from a local institute & joined a local agency.

Back in those days, my IT friends used to earn somewhere between 20-30k/month, where my salary was only 9ooo/mo. but that was not at all unexpected, as unlike IT this is a performance based field & you will get absolutely no value for your educational qualification.

The lesson I learnt from those days is that you better not go after money for first two years of your career, rather focus on, learning & make sure you are with the right people.

The reason I say make sure you are with the right people, is because the first company I joined was a fake company, who would provide me with no experience-letter or proper pay-slip. In a field where skills & experience is everything, not having proper documentation, can be a deathblow to your career, so be careful.

I have seen people fall for that trap, & get their career ruined, so always make sure the first company you are working for is a genuine company, even if they offer you less salary always go for an authentic company, whose profiles are well known to you.

Career Challenges in Small Agencies

Any-way after one & half month working for that fake company I finally joined a genuine company, there I did learn many new things, & my salary was bit higher too.

But there was another problem, I was pushed into a offbeat project, whose market value is quite low. As Digital Marketing is a vast field, I see people doing offbeat projects like that for years. They usally are struck there without growth.

So, here I give one more lesson to you:  never ever work for an off beat project, as those projects will add little value to your resume & offer you basically no growth at all.

How-ever the sad reality is that most of the small companies will push you for projects like that. The reason is simple, no experienced marketer will take on those projects, so it will be pushed on a newbie.

After working for nine month for that company I quit my second company, & will finally join a company where I will be given a project where I could show-case my talent.

Salary After One Year

Well, after I completed my one year my CTC was 16,5k/month & upto 20% performance linked incentives. Not bad, right?  Specially considering my IT friends who are still stuck between 20-30k CTC after completing one year. And that is not so surprising, considering there are people (a lot of) who got absolutely zero growth in the last five years,

Sky Is The Limit In Digital Marketing Career

Well in that phase of my Digital Marketing career, I understand it for the first time, what digital marketing job actually is, turn-out that it is a management level job, in a big organization atleast.

Think about it like that, I have only one year of experience. With that experience alone I used to manage, Designer team, Web-developer team, Content writers. I even had too assign jobs to IT teams too, & they were answerable to me.

That was just my authority. The manger of the Digital Marketing team always sit with the company directors to take important business decision. No decision was taken without the presence of a Digital MArketing Expert.

My Current Position & Compensation

After working for 2 years I left the company to join a mutinational company as a SME (subject matter expert), this is my current position too.  My current CTC is  little over 50k/month including the variables. Looks like I have passed a long way since the days when I used to work for only 9000 salary.

The numbers  feel even better, when I see My IT friends are still working at some 35k ctc, including all variable, which is below my fixed salary.

Is a Career in Digital Marketing is Right Choice For You?

Well, As I told you earlier, this is basically a manegorial job, from the begin with. With this position one usually applies for the role of brain of the company. This is your role, decision maker.

So do you have the capability to make a decision & take responsibilty for the consequences, a  career in Digital Marketing will allow you touch the sky, but remember this, as you are brain, the burden of failure will be on you too.

If you think you have the capability to handle all that, well strike then while iron is still hot.

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