Apostille Services in Mumbai: Process And Documents

Apostille services in Mumbai

The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA, verifies documents. Most people in today’s world relocate to other countries in search of excellent opportunities. They have the freedom to go and stay in whatever and whichever country they want. While some countries have an attestation method for the same. These foreign countries have attestation requirements before allowing visitors into their country.

What is Apostille?

Every certificate and required document for immigration must go through an intense authentication procedure.  Some countries joined the Hague Convention, which does away with the need for extra legalization from embassies after an Apostille stamp, thus simplifying this process. Apostille is the procedure of having certificates verified, authenticated, and legalized by the appropriate government agencies of the receivers’ native country. 

Why is Apostille needed?

Do you intend to pursue formal education abroad? Does your home nation need to register your foreign marriage certificate? Do you require a foreign passport copy authentication? If your answer to any of these queries was “yes,” you are aware of the need for an apostille. 

In other nations, it may be necessary to use your documents. However, before a foreign country will use or approve a document like this, it must first be authenticated. Typically, this process is completed through the legalization process, in which the foreign embassy of the nation where the document is to be given

Document Apostille

Three distinct types of certificates or documents must have their authenticity confirmed in India. These documents are educational, private, and commercial.

  • Academic qualifications, including records from the HSC and SSC exams and diplomas.
  • PCCs, medical certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and birth certificates are examples of personal certificates.
  • Commercial documents include things like power of attorney forms, bank statements, business invoices, product lists, etc.

Some Common Types of Certificate Apostille

Here are a few typical certificates that require Apostille Services in Mumbai.

Birth Certificate:

you must have your birth certificate apostille in India in order for it to be valid and legitimate in the other country. For the visa application procedure, the Apostille of certificates from the MEA, State Government, SDM (Personal certificates), HRD (Academic certificates), and Notary is necessary. .

Degree Certificate:

You will require an apostille on your degree certificate in order to demonstrate your credentials if you are submitting a job application or starting a company in a different country. In order to enroll in a school or institution overseas, a student must also have their degree certificate apostille.

Marriage Certificate:

In accordance with the marriage certificate act, a person’s marriage document is verified and sealed so that legal authorities around the world can use it. you must certify your marriage license.

Although there are many more kinds of certificates, the ones mentioned above are the ones that need people to testify the most frequently.


Document/Certificate Apostille process in Mumbai

What kind of certificate you need an Apostille for and why you’re traveling to a Hague member nation determine the Apostille attestation process in India. You will require an apostille on your degree certificate to verify your credentials if you are applying for employment or conducting business.

Regional level: 

It is the first phase of the verification process for certificates. The institution where the documents were issued, the notary, and the requirements all came into play. This degree of legalization for business documents may be done by the Chamber of Commerce.

State Level:

SDM is separate from the state administration. Three different groups handle the legalization of state certificates in accordance with the specifications of the document type. These organizations are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate. (SDM). 

MEA Attestation:

The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA, verifies documents. The MEA is the primary organization in charge of overseeing the country’s international affairs.

How to get Apostille Services in Mumbai?

You can obtain an apostille for any document in Mumbai through one of the numerous attestation service providers. If you need professional and fast apostille services in Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Be sure to select VNR Universal.

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