Best eCommerce Shipping Strategy that will work for your Startup


While planning to launch your eCommerce business, there are multiple things you need to consider,

like your market of interest, targeted audience base, website development, marketing strategy, etc.

More goes into creating an eCommerce company than simply deciding on a brand name

creating product listings, and beginning to sell things online.

Even the best business concepts can fail if your website doesn’t receive enough visitors.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, eCommerce logistics is considered one such essential part of an eCommerce business that is often neglected.

Even if you are channelizing unique and quality products in the market of opportunities,

it would only be profitable if you can deliver those products to your customers in the said time frame.

According to a study published in Website Magazine that polled 500 consumers about their expectations for the delivery of items they order online or over the phone,

69 percent of respondents said they would be much less likely to shop at a store again if the item they ordered wasn’t delivered within two days of the said date.

As the eCommerce landscape continues to grow around the world,

startups need to know the importance of having an efficient shipping strategy in place, to deliver the best shopping experience to their customers.

Why do you need an eCommerce Shipping Strategy?

After the coronavirus outbreak caused a spike in online shopping,

research by BigCommerce and Retail Dive published in late 2020 found that 51% of retail

CEOs planned to increase their investments in their companies’ supply chains and logistics.

More than anything, the biggest hurdle faced by an eCommerce business today is cart abandonment

which is the result of charging high and unexpected shipping charges by the end of the order placement process.

This commonly happens due to the unavailability of an efficient shipping strategy at hand.


Immediately after the order is placed with your business,

you will check to verify if you have the inventory on hand.

Following that, you will verify the customer’s

shipping address and any other important order-related information.

Finally, the products will be chosen, packed, and prepared for shipping.

Here are the best shipping strategies that will work for your eCommerce startup

  • Assemble an efficient team

Accordingly finding the right experts to assist you in making decisions about your shipping plan is the first thing you must do to overcome any significant obstacle.

Here is a List of Things to Consider to Get your Mind Going:

  • The marketing team is in charge of interacting with your customers.
  • They can do this by providing shipping options, like free or flat-rate shipping, to raise the average order value or the volume of people visiting your website.
  • Your website’s engineers and designers must keep in mind that clients see the right shipping options when they should.
  • They should also make sure that the services are clear to the clients, both in terms of the microscopy and the usability of the website.
  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that the fulfillment staff is crucial in ensuring that products are picked, packaged, and shipped on time and accurately.
  • You should set proper goals for yourself

Now that your workforce is established, decide what you want to achieve with your shipping plan:

  • By offering the shipping options and pricing ranges that your target clients expect, you can enhance your sales.
  • Shipments to new locations aid in the expansion of a market or a target demographic.
  • By exploring alternate shipping choices provided by major carriers, you can lower your costs.
  • By making simple changes to the existing system and giving the fulfillment teams proper training, you can increase the efficiency of daily operations.
  • Outsource shipping operations to an experienced logistics provider or 3PL

Ways to Enhance Profits

A sensible way to enhance profits and broaden your global reach is to outsource logistics.

Instead of hosting operations internally, it is usually less expensive to hire staff and rent storage space.


Leading shipping aggregators in the country such as NimbusPost provide

tech-enabled eCommerce shipping solutions to businesses at reasonable prices, with dashboard features like a

verification system, an automated non-delivery report, live shipment, order booking, post-purchase shipping alerts, and performance tracking.


As a result, their robust domestic and international shipping, warehouse and fulfillment services enable

Although seamless and flexible cross-border trade across 196+ countries via their global shipping platform NimbusGlobal, with a specific focus on European and Southeast Asian nations.


  • Integrate parcel auditing with your shipping management system

Thanks to automatic package monitoring offered by parcel auditing, your

eCommerce business can get an understanding of and control over your shipping expenses.

This automation frees you to focus on what you do best—” sell”—while leaving the boring task of

determining when and why refunds are justified to your firm using advanced tools that integrate seamlessly with your shipping operations.


  • Providing Customers with a Simple Checkout Experience

Accordingly, the checkout process, which involves selecting a payment method and shipping options,

is one of the most annoying aspects of online purchasing for customers.

Your objective should be to give online shoppers a simple check-out process,

whether you demand logins from customers or allow visitor checkouts.

Providing a clear and efficient check-out experience to your customers should be your priority.


Basically, Every eCommerce business has different needs and requirements to serve their customers in the best possible way, but making a shipping strategy and planning everything initially has long-term benefits.

Therefore, if you are investing your time and resources in optimizing your eCommerce logistics now, you are walking the right path by ensuring a safe future for your business.


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