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Chadar Trek



Chadar trek is a mesmerizing trekking experience. It is one of the broadly fascinating treks in the region of Ladakh. Ladakh is also contemplated as the major tourist interest of the country. One of the best things the tourists do here is trekking. Although there are many trekking trails in Ladakh. Chadar trek is the most achievable trek for many youngsters and also grown-ups. It also welcomes beginner trekkers. It has a breathtaking view of the mountain, which is filled with snow- a mesmerizing Chadar trek. However, it’s a moderate difficulty trek but still worth the elevation. The altitude of this trek is 11,400 feet which probably takes 10 to 13 days to finish off. Where the Trekker will be covering 62 kilometers in total. 

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Things to do:

Things to do on the Chadar trek are Camping, Some restful hours under the dark sky with Bonfire, gazing at the sunset, Photography,  inspecting the blooming Sunrise, etc are the things to do in Chadar trek. Apart from trekking, these are the mesmerizing things that the trekker can do here. Camping is a mandatory and supreme satisfaction thing to do. After a long trekking journey, you can build your tent and take a rest. In addition to camping, you can also enjoy the bonfire with your friends and family creating a cozy vibe with the twinkle of burning light. To all the daydreamer trekkers this is the most interesting thing to do which is gazing at the sunset.

It often looks stunning and many trekkers love the view of the sunset. Which is more soothing and pleasing to the soul. Adding to this comes photography, which is the loved and passionate hobby of many trekkers. The major highlight of this trek is the wildlife. If you are lucky enough then you can also spot some Ladakh animals like snow leopard, ibex, blue sheep, etc. Not only trekkers but also photographers across the globe visit this trek due to this reason. You should necessarily bring your camera to shoot some memories. Then after a great sleep, you can inspect the blooming sunrise. Which will make you speechless. When all the glory of the sun is observed. These are the few things to do on the Chadar trek. 


Places to explore:

The places trekkers get to explore in the Chadar trek are Padum, Leh, Zanskar river, etc. These are the places that the trekker gets to explore. Padum is a historically important town in the district of Kargil, in the state of Uttarakhand, India. A picturesque scenic place in the region. In addition, comes Leh, which is the initial point of the Chadar trek. The trek will be taken over from this place. Hence you can also explore Leh.

It is deemed the historical capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh. Also, a major attention seeker of the state. Thirdly comes the Zanskar river where you can soak your feet after a rigid trek, relax, and take some outstanding snapshots to enlighten your journal. The sensation of an enormous waterfall and the impression of hills add extreme beauty to this trek. These are the few places that you get to explore in the Chadar trek.


Things to carry: 

Essential things to carry on this trek are synthetic trek pants, WindCheater, Body thermals, Warm pants, torches with battery, the down jacket, Merino Trekking socks, raincoats, and sleeping bags. It’s advisable not to carry sports or casual shoes as they might risk clasping on the snowy ground. These are the essential things to carry while trekking over the Chadar. You can also carry a camera, to click the best snapshots of the Himalayan peaks. 


Best time to visit: 

The best time to visit Chadar is in the winter season; the appropriate month is January to February. As the snow-capped hills of the Himalayan give rise to a spectacular view. Although the trek might be slightly challenging through some trails. But still worth the struggle. While trekking through the winter season it’s advisable to carry warm clothes and extra pairs of shoes. 



In all, the Chadar trek is all about mesmerizing snowfall sunrises, warm resting bags for cozy evenings, open starry darkness, and incredible sentiments. While trekking it’s necessary to maintain cleanliness. Although it’s deemed as a moderately difficult level trek still you can keep yourself fit and go depart for the trek. It’s a beautiful trek that lends lifetime experience and the satisfaction of finishing the Chadar trek. It’s not even a trek but an excursion to admire throughout your existence. 

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