5 Cool Wedding Cake Inspirations For A Summer Wedding

Wedding Cake

The flavours of a summer wedding cake are light, airy, fruity, and rich. It’s best to make an effort to choose a wedding cake kind that will complement your wedding’s theme.

So, a black forest cake or carrot cake will be the ideal cake taste for your wedding if you’re looking for a more rustic vibe. A traditional vanilla buttercream cake or red velvet cake will work well for your wedding cake flavour if you’re opting for a more contemporary, princess-themed wedding cake.

If you’re planning a summer wedding and enjoy summertime treats like fresh fruit, ice cream, buttercream icing, sweet carrots, s’mores, and even cotton candy, we believe you’re in luck. Florals and spices also contain a wide variety of lovely essences to take into account. You can combine the traditional flavours of summer wedding cakes with other delectable sweets and organic scents to make the ideal cake for your wedding event.

Let’s begin with our selection of the ideal summer wedding cakes.


We begin with a floral design, which is a perennial favourite for summer wedding cakes. This continues to be the most popular option for weddings all year long, but it becomes more popular in the summer because nothing says summer like a bouquet of colourful and exquisite hydrangeas, peonies, and sunflowers.

Most wedding events include flowers prominently, from bridesmaids carrying bouquets to floral confetti being tossed in the air to welcome the newlyweds after the service. If you are organising a wedding that will include floral arrangements, it makes sense to carry on the trend by having a floral-themed wedding cake. Another thing you might want to do is choose colours that go with your overall theme.

While sugar flowers are typically the centrepiece of flowery cakes, there are countless other flower designs and colour combinations you may use to make your cake stand out from the crowd. There are non-edible options, such as flower sprays, that can serve as a decorative element in addition to edible wedding cake flowers.

Caramel Chocolate Cake

Making a chocolate cake using cocoa powder yields a caramel chocolate cake. The salt caramel chocolate cake is ice with a cocoa powder-infused frosting that also has a hint of chocolate flavour. Salt caramel sauce and salt caramel chocolate frosting are spread between the layers of chocolate cake to create the layers.


We simply adore the current chalkboard cake design. This cake design appears remarkably realistic like it came out of a craft magazine, and lets you include a sweet, personalised message for the newlyweds. A blackboard cake is made from black sugar paste that has been sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with a hand-painted message using white edible paint and a tiny brush, whether you’ve never seen one before or are keen to give this new trend a try.

If you do not want your wedding anniversary cake to be constructed entirely in a chalkboard style, you can choose to have one tier with a chalkboard theme and the other tiers made in a different style. This will make the featured message and chalkboard tier really stand out.

You can add flowers or a leaf pattern to your blackboard wedding cake to give it a summertime feel. A monochromatic wedding cake designed in the shape of a chalkboard will look magnificent in contrast with brightly coloured decorations. We hope this style has given you some food for thought if it was one you hadn’t previously thought about for your wedding. 


One of the most popular options for summer weddings is naked cakes, which are characterised by seasonal colours, fresh fruit, and vibrant flowers. Although they have only recently gained popularity, they will undoubtedly be on display at weddings across the nation. Naked cakes are a great option if you want something that fits the theme, don’t like icing or buttercream, and adore fresh fruit and components.

A semi-naked wedding cake may be a suitable compromise if a naked cake with a sponge totally on display is not really your thing. A cake that is “semi-naked” has a small coating of frosting on top, revealing the sponge underneath. This is a fantastic method for making a rustic-styled summer wedding cake.

Your visitors will definitely talk about a naked cake or a variation of this design. Making the layers that separate the cake tiers as tasty and as beautiful as possible is the key to a superb naked cake. Your nude wedding can have layers of chocolate glaze, buttercream, and fresh fruit, to name a few.

Chocolate and Mint

We are already fantasizing about having this chocolate mint poke cake because we enjoy chocolate mint ice cream in the summer. Imagine serving this cake at your wedding with a simple syrup glaze and a garnish of fresh fruits like nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries if you enjoy the flavour as much as we do!

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