Types Of Mobile Case To Protect Your Phone

iPhone Mobile Case

Every individual is different, just like every phone case. Even though mobile phones have been around for a while, we didn’t suddenly sit up and pay attention to mobile case brands until the release of Apple’s iPhone back in 2007.

The top phone case brands emerged over time once touch screens were widely available you can check ESR as they have ESR Promo Code for you to save some bucks. Now, expecting your mobile case to be completely compostable or to withstand an unplanned tumble from a three-story building is not ridiculous. You can find the best phone cases for any type of phone here. No matter what kind of case you’re looking for.

Gel/Tpu Case For Phone

According to science, what we refer to as a gel phone case is constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Compared to their hard plastic case counterparts, this plastic-based material is slightly more water-resistant and more elastic. Gel phone cases are available in a variety of shapes and are slender, just like regular plastic cases. Their gel-like substance offers a key benefit: the resistance to dents and scratches.

Silicone Case For Phone

Since our cell phones evolved into, well, smartphones, silicone mobile cases have been a thing. Although smooth and supple, silicone shells feel slightly sticky to the touch. Their capacity to adhere to almost any surface without slipping or vibrating is one of their biggest features. Today, “liquid silicone” phone cases are more likely to be found; these cases offer a significantly stiffer case with the elasticity intact. Another fantastic feature of silicone cases is their buttery-soft matte surface, which deters fingerprints.

Hard Phone Case

Hard phone cases frequently feature a shell-like case made of plastic or a substance derived from plastic. Whether it be an Apple or Android smartphone, each case is tailored to match a particular phone brand and model. Hard plastic mobile cases have the amazing benefit of being incredibly thin and light, adding essentially no weight or bulk to your phone.

Plastic may be printed with images, colors, and prints due to its inherent properties. Which allows for the customization of a case’s appearance and the addition of a little bit of style. For instance, Mixtiles Coupon Code sells customize wall frames with holographic and glitter accents as well as flower patterns at reasonable prices.

Tough Case For Phone

What do rugged phone cases do? Tough cases, which are tougher than regular plastic or gel cases, are made to withstand all kinds of activities and adventures. The majority of them come with extra features like a strengthened casing, some level of IP water protection, and the ability to endure a 15-foot drop. Although they are sturdy, you give up a more lightweight style. Instead, strong mobile cases will likely be a little bit heavier and bulkier.

Both Flip And Wallet Phone Cases

For individuals who want to live simply and are constantly on the go, wallet phone cases are both useful and fashionable. Wallet covers and wallet folios, which double as both a wallet and a mobile case. They are frequently constructed of either genuine leather or faux leather (such as polyurethane, or “PU”), with the phone case component being designed with a polycarbonate insert that the phone slips into. You simply fold the rear of the wallet over after using your phone to shield the glass screen. The majority of wallet phone cases have two to four card pockets. The design, construction, and features of flip phone cases are essentially similar to those of wallet cases, however, they are smaller. They can be flip cases with card compartments or just flip cases.

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