Words That Are Often Mispronounced

Mispronounced words

If you are into public speaking or a literary job, then you should be very cautious about your words. No, I am not indicating any use of filthy words but the incorrect way of speaking them. Yes, it is true. Some words are often mispronounced, and we don’t realize it. But now it’s time to put a stop to it. Words play a pivotal role in our personality. 

They represent the level of education of the person while speaking. You might know very well to wear decent and smart outfits, but if you are unable to speak words correctly, then pardon me, you will be looked down upon by the people. So guys! It is an alarming call for you to stop pronouncing the words incorrectly. 

Today, I have come up with a couple of words that are not pronounced correctly. But from now, you will know how to speak them properly. So let’s get started with the word:


Correct pronunciation: li-AH-bull

Liable means you are answerable for your deeds, legally and socially. 


Correct pronunciation: Noo-KLEE-ur

This word finds its common usage in war and weapons. It indicates producing of power at the time when the division or joining of a nucleus of an atom to another. 


Correct pronunciation: JIF

The full form is Graphics interchange Format or bitmap image format. It is like an animated representation of edited videos or images. GIF finds its widespread use on the World Wide Web.


Correct pronunciation: ZOO-Loh-gee

Zoology is a scientific study of animals about their behavior, classification, structure, and other aspects. 


Correct pronunciation: NEESH

Niche means a convenient situation in one’s life or employment. 


Correct pronunciation: for-TAY

Forte indicates a special skill, characteristics, and talent of a person.

Endnote: Now you must start speaking these words with the correct pronunciation. 

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