How to use the Use your sticker from Instagram Stories.


Indeed you’ve already started going through your friends’ Stories and saw several of them answering things like top 4 favorite movies, five series that define you, five fun facts about you, photo dumps of the month, etc. ( buymalaysianfollowers ) All this content comes from the interactive sticker for the Stories, called Add yours or Use yours, in Portuguese.

It began to be released to users little by little, but it fell into popular taste at the speed of light. With several people taking the opportunity to test the novelty and create viral chains, such as the “post your favorite photo,” Instagram quickly released the feature to everyone and already showed that Use yours is here to stay.

Come with us, and in this text, we tell you everything about this Instagram launch:

  • How the Use your/Add yours sticker works
  • How to access the resource
  • In what ways can brands and content creators use

What it is and how it works Use your Instagram Stories

“Use Yours allows users to share and express their opinions and creativity in an open, fun, and casual topic through Stories,” said Instagram in an official note about the novelty.

It’s straightforward to use, just like any other Stories sticker. Just click on the Add Yours/ Use Yours sticker and type your call to action or phrase that you will use to propose a topic for this open topic. The first viral created with the new sticker started with a simple “post your favorite photo,” for example.

After sharing the Story with the sticker, anyone who sees your post can click on the interactive sticker and share it on their profile, according to the proposal.

Whoever made the original post receives a notification whenever someone interacts with the content. It is also possible to check what people share within the feature by clicking on the sticker.

And those who have a closed profile can rest assured: you can participate in the chain like everyone else, but only those who follow you will have access to your post, as usual. The new sticker won’t expose your profile, don’t worry. buymalaysianfollowers

Who already has access to Use your/Add Yours

At first, the feature was only released to a few countries in Asia, but the sticker still needs to reach the whole world immediately. Shortly after that, it was made available to everyone! So check your Story, and you can launch your own Use Yours viral.

As an interactive sticker with great potential to go viral, Use Yours/ Add Yours was successful in Malaysia, where users initially needed access. Now that everything has been released here, it is possible to see several daily viral messages that everyone responds to, whether with images, lists, videos, or songs.

The first contact of many with Add Yours probably came with the first viral chain that emerged with the novelty, where users posted their favorite photo and shared the sticker for others to do the same, which made the functionality travel the world.

How to use the new Instagram sticker

As in other updates, Instagram’s focus is to encourage more interactions between platform users to bring them closer to each other and also bring them closer to brands and content creators. And Add Yours or Use Yours is the perfect feature for that.

If used correctly, as we’ve seen, the potential for your idea to go viral is enormous, so think of creative (or simple, but effective!) ways to engage people and encourage them to interact with you by sharing content.

If you manage a brand profile, try to hitch a wave of user-generated content that can be leveraged on your company profile.

Some ideas:

  • For clothing brands, propose users share their favorite looks assembled with clothes your store sells.
  • If you sell decor items, create a trend for people to share their favorite corners of the house by showing off one of your items and tagging your profile.
  • For content creators, how about recording a simple tutorial for the Story and adding the sticker suggesting people share it?
  • Restaurants can suggest that users share their most memorable moments lived in that place.

What is Collab on Instagram, and how to create posts with two authors

Instagram is investing in new features that can improve the work of content creators, especially when it comes to closing partnerships with brands on the social network. Come and understand what Collab is on Instagram: the new feature is being released little by little and will allow users to create posts in collaboration with other profiles and for these contents to bring results for both.

Understand all about the news:

  • What is Collab on Instagram
  • What’s the benefit for brands and content creators
  • How the feature works
  • Who has access to Collabs
  • What is Collab on Instagram? Understand posts in collaboration.

Partnerships within Instagram are familiar, either through paid posts by brands or joint work done by influencers to expand their audiences on the social network.

What’s new now is that, with Collabs, users can co-author posts, and the content will be shown on the profile of both. The feature will be valid for both posts created for Feed and for Reels, a format that already provides excellent user reach. In addition, live broadcasts should also benefit from this Instagram followers Malaysia

What’s the benefit for brands and content creators

As posts created through Collab on Instagram will be shown on the profiles of the two users and co-authors of the content, the advantage is that both can benefit from it.

  • According to Instagram released on its social networks, when sharing a collaborative post…
  • The two usernames will be displayed
  • The post will be delivered to the followers of both accounts
  • Lives are available on both profiles
  • And you share views, comments, and likes

This is especially advantageous when closing paid partnerships since the content creator will not only be promoting a brand to his audience, but his own profile will also appear in the Feed of followers of that brand on Instagram (and vice versa). In other words, it’s a double gain for the two parties involved in the Collab.

How the feature works

Like all Instagram features, Collabs is also very intuitive and straightforward to create. The Tech Advisor website, which specializes in the news in the area, explained how the tool would work.

If you want to know how to create a post in collaboration with another user, follow the step by step:

  • Click on the + in the top right corner of Instagram and go to the creation menu.
  • Choose to create a post for Feed or Reels.
  • Create your post usually, and when you reach the final screen just before sharing, select “Tag people.”
  • In this menu, the option to “Invite collaborator” will appear.
  • Search for the Instagram accounts you’d like to collaborate with and click to select
  • Click “Done” to save the settings
  • Press “Share” to publish the post

Who already has access to Collab on Instagram

Initially, the tool was tested in the United Kingdom, India, and Ireland, which were already able to use the novelty before the rest of the world. But, with the official announcement from Instagram and the launch on October 18th, the feature will likely be available to a broader audience and from other countries very soon. And Brazil, as one of the largest social network markets in the world, should be included.

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