Can the Third Wave of Coronavirus be Prevented?

Third Wave of Coronavirus

The coronavirus came as an unforeseen storm that blew away all the stability and harmony from the world. Every life ceased for a while and most of us are still struggling to bring our lives back to normal. While we’re still stuck on the aftereffects of the first and second waves of the epidemic, the third wave is all set to arrive. Medical practitioners and experts from across the world have talked about the intensity of the third wave and how it is almost inevitable. While it does challenge us on different levels, it must be understood that to get rid of this invisible enemy, we must get together to fight it.

While on one hand, our country is prepared to bring its pace back by reopening schools and with most of its companies ending their work from home terms, on the other hand, we are being threatened by the third wave of coronavirus.

After the state governments ordered the government and private schools to reopen and resume the offline classes of their students, courts across the country were filled with petitions and had to question the state governments if they were prepared to fight the third wave and if their health infrastructure was strong enough to prevent the repercussions of reopening schools at a time when the third wave is as near as just 10 to 12 weeks.

Experts have expressed their concern not once but several times, about the new variants of the coronavirus, including the Delta plus variant. They have stated that it can impose a great deal of threat on our population and is going to be strong enough to reduce the effects of the vaccine.

It is being said that the third wave of the coronavirus shall be caused by several variants of the same virus, especially the Delta plus variant which is related to the Delta variant that was responsible for the second wave of Corona, that our country suffered.

Do We Need to Fear the Third Wave?


The facts mentioned above have not been driven out of fiction, they have been proposed by experts of the field, and therefore after realizing the credibility of the data we can conclude that the situation is serious. Although, while the third wave has been called inevitable, a lot of times its intensity and its potential effects on our population depend on a few factors.

Since the virus is spread from one person to the other, meaning that the inspection requires close contact between individuals to be passed on if we try our best to cut down our contact we can improve the possibility of ourselves not getting infected by the virus. This reduction of contact can be insured by the lockdown. The previous two waves have proved how successful the lockdown is in improving the condition of various countries. During the second wave, in May the cases were 400000 which have after the lock down fallen to 50000. This is a clear improvement, which we need to hang on to, to ensure our safety.

After having suffered the first and the second wave of Corona as a country we must not require the government to tell us when and when not to get out of our houses. We must avoid being in crowded places like markets, shopping malls, etc and must try to limit our outdoor time as much as possible. 

Are the New Variants a Threat?

delta variants

The second wave of the corona pandemic turned out to be a greater threat to our country than the first one. The exponential increase in cases and the insufficient availability of beds and oxygen ended up costing us countless lives. The Delta variant of the covid 19 viruses was predominantly responsible for the cause of the infection. Since it was an upgraded and evolved variant of the previous one, it was stronger than it and had much worse effects on the population. 

Experts have suggested that the third wave of the corona pandemic shall primarily be riding on the delta plus variant of the coronavirus. This is going to be stronger than the previous ones and some reports even said that this virus could even beat the effect of the Vaccine. 

If we do not find a cure for this situation and the virus is allowed to run in our population for a long time, it will keep mutating and evolving into much stronger variants.

The Delta plus variant has been called the “variant of concern” by the government of India. However, we do not have enough data on our plate to declare that there shall be an entire wave based on this one strain of the virus. Although, some researchers believe that if we wait for a week or a few we shall have enough figures to conclude the strength of the new variant.

Our Ray of Hope:

In this epidemic, our only savior is our immunity. One’s immunity developed from the vaccines and the previous infection can protect them from the infection to a large extent, given that they follow all the measures to keep themselves away from coming in contact with the virus. 

From 9th to 22nd June, our country accomplished an average of 3.25 million doses every day. To reach our target, and to protect our entire population against the virus, we need to accomplish at least 8.5-9 million doses each day. 

If we manage to get our entire population vaccinated, the intensity of infection and the number of cases shall reduce. But we shall need to follow all the preventive measures like wearing double masks, sanitizing ourselves and the surfaces we come in contact with. We must also take good care of our immunity and eat the right food. If we happen to catch a general cold, our immunity might reduce and impose a great deal of threat on our health.


The third wave is inevitable. But by following the right measures and getting both doses of the vaccine, we can reduce the risk of infection.

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