A Complete Checklist for Jaisalmer Desert Camps

Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

No matter what the reasons are, you will get the best experience when you plan to the Jaisalmer desert. The city will allow you to get the best experience of camping in deserts in Rajasthan. Exposure to nature and its beauty is possible with choosing Jaisalmer Desert Camps. Apart from it, a checklist is also provided to the people who want to go to Jaisalmer for desert camping. It promises that the experience that you make will remain memorable.

In the list for Jaisalmer desert camps, there are plenty of options available. You can book one or two days according to your convenience to stay in the camps and have a pleasant experience. As a tourist, you can take benefit of a camel Safari or National desert camp at Sam dunes. Before taking benefit of the camps, do not forget to check the reviews of the places.

There is the availability of a guide to the desert camps in Jaisalmer. The guide is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will get to know about the activities that you can do in Jaisalmer desert camps. The second part will include how to select the best desert camp.

Things that You Can Experience in Desert Camps

  • Experience of Sunset and Sunrise

In the Jaisalmer desert camps, you can experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise over the dunes. It is something that offers a pleasant experience to the people. There is the availability of different experiences that you will go to love. It will provide a tiny grain of sand hitting on the face and capturing the artistic at the camel caravans in the distance. It will offer a memorable experience to you by exploring the sunrise and sunset with camel caravans.

  • Camel Safari in Jaisalmer Desert

Camels have long been the life of the desert for travelers. You will get a happy feeling sitting at the camels and enjoying riding on them. There are many local villages available in the Sam dunes with camels for tourism purposes. There are two types of camel safaris in Jaisalmer. One is just to give the tourist a feel of the desert and the long rides to take your far from desert to villages. If you want to have entertainment, then you can choose the show that rights to have enjoyment in tourist desert camps.

  • Ethical Concerns About Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer Deserts

A camel ride is the best option provided to you if you choose desert camps to enjoy your vacations. However, there are many ethical concerns about how their camels are treated for tourism purposes. Either the camels are used to carrying loads across the desert for only tourism purposes. If you want to learn about the ethical concerns related to camel Safari, then there is a need to join the Jaisalmer Desert Camps.

So, these are some of the things that you can enjoy by joining desert camps in Jaisalmer. If you want to take benefit of the things, make sure that you are using the best camp.

How Do You Choose the Best Desert Jaisalmer Camps?

  • Look for the best Time in Desert Camp

If you are planning to visit Jaisalmer for desert camps, then make sure you are coming in the month between October to February. It is the time when the heat is tolerable in the City. During the wintertime, the sand is chilly with the wind blowing. There is a requirement of a regular coat or shawl, and sometimes it is also not the correct remedy to take benefit of camel Safari. So, you need to choose the right time to take benefit of desert camps in Jaisalmer.

  • The best location for Jaisalmer Desert Camp

After checking the best time, there is a need to pay attention 0to the best location for Jaisalmer desert camps. Jaisalmer has two prominent locations that are Sam dunes and khuri. Khuri sand dunes are offering camel safari and a little further into the Thar desert National camp.

On the other hand, Sam dunes are the golden location of the city in order to take benefit of the camel safari. Therefore, the gathering of information about the two prominent locations is essential to make the correct choice.

  • Ideal duration of the Desert Camps

Last but most important, there is a need to look for the ideal duration of the Jaisalmer desert camps. There is a need to learn about the time that you can spend at the location and take benefit of the camps. Learning about it is essential for the picking of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer.

So, these are the things that you need to consider for the selection of the correct desert camps to enhance the experience.

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