8 Signs When Sofa Needs Cleaning Services Be Called?

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Sofa cleaning services provide a variety of sofa care and cleaning services in various types of places. This service is very necessary when the sofa we have has the following signs.

1. Sofa Color Fades

The first sign of a sofa that is very visible is its color. Over time the color of the sofa will fade.

The fading color of the sofa is caused by several factors such as the age of the sofa which is quite old because the sofa is often used. In addition, other factors such as the placement of the sofa which is directly exposed to sunlight also cause the sofa to not last long.

Cleaning the sofa with materials that do not match the characteristics of the sofa is also a major factor in sofa damage. Therefore, washing services are needed because they understand more about the characteristics of certain sofas.

2. Sticky Couch 

The humidity in the room where the sofa is placed can make the sofa sticky when held. This problem can make sofa users uncomfortable because the sofa is a place to rest.

Apart from room humidity, aged sofas can also cause this to happen. This can be overcome by replacing the leather or washing the sofa with certain materials.

  1. There are insects

The existence of insects such as ants and cockroaches that can live and lay their eggs on the sofa makes the sofa unfit for use. However, one way this can be overcome is with disinfectant services.

The use of this service is aimed at killing insects that grow to their seeds. The way it works is by spraying insect-killing disinfectant liquid on the couch.

4. Last Per

In some types of sofas, there are components or springs as support. This component or part plays an important role in supporting the sofa.

If a sofa comes off or penetrates the outer surface of the sofa then this is an indicator of a damaged sofa. This can be overcome by calling services or sofa experts who can handle it.

5. Bad smell

Oftentimes, sofas can give off an unpleasant smell like musty. This of course makes discomfort when using the sofa.

This odor can be caused by mold growing on the inside or outside of the sofa. This can be overcome by routine maintenance and cleaning of the sofa.

The care and cleaning of the sofa can not be done carelessly. Therefore, services that have been around for a long time in the world of sofas are needed.

6. Moldy

Apart from walls, mold can also grow and develop on the surface of the sofa. This is caused by the condition of the house which is quite humid with high rainfall.

The conditions of the house can make it easy for mold to grow on the inside or outside of the sofa. This can be overcome with a special cleaning tool that has no side effects on the sofa.

7. There is a Lice Nest/House

The presence of a nest or house for fleas on the couch makes discomfort occur. This is because fleas can bite the surface of the skin and cause an itchy effect.

Fleas often grow and nest on sofas with soft materials. This can be overcome by spraying disinfectant through disinfectant services.

8. Dirty Sofa 

A dirty sofa can be seen in many ways, including color, shape, texture, and more. When our sofa has entered the dirty indicator, it is necessary to do a total cleaning.

A dirty sofa can be caused by several factors. These factors can be resolved with regular maintenance and cleaning of the sofa.

When the various signs that have been mentioned are happening to your sofa it’s time to call a sofa cleaning service. This sofa cleaning service is already available in various regions and can be accessed via the internet network so it is very easy to reach. 

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