10 Things To Remember When Using Business Card Design Services

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A business card does more than just carry your business information. It is the perfect tool to make a great first impression on another person. A well-designed card through business card design services elicits respect for the person and their business. Whereas a poorly-designed business card is easy to dismiss. When you are the one distributing the card, you will obviously want to be taken seriously.


There are some secrets to an effective business card design, but most are easily ignored. Avoid designing your own card unless you are a designer yourself. You can design a rough sample yourself to show a designer. Remember, what looks good to you will not necessarily look good to everyone else. So when an expert designer recommends changes, please listen to them attentively. There are a few things you can ask for in your card when talking to the designer. So, without further confusion, let’s take a look at the top 10 things that you must keep in mind when creating your business design.

Top 10 Things To Consider For Your Business Card

Avoid Clutter

Simplicity is the key to the effectiveness of your business card design. Just include the basic information in it. Avoid unnecessary details like the names of products or the kind of services you sell. No one has time to look at an overwhelming card. Your name, designation, contact info, and branding are all that is required.


Your business card must be readable. Avoid unusual and hard-to-read fonts. This is especially true for Indian language fonts. They can be very hard to read if you use anything except simple fonts. So, it is also important to make sure the letters are of enough size to read easily.


Just a few years ago, they were a huge mistake to avoid. However, with better printing technology today, pictures on contemporary business cards are possible. Avoid very intricate or colorful images. Also, make sure that the original picture is of high resolution so it can be printed without fuzziness. If you are not sure, just avoid it.

If you want graphics, then prefer using vector graphics. Vector graphics are images and icons that can be magnified and shrunk without reducing their quality. On the contrary, the raster graphics become blurred when you zoom in and become unclear when you zoom out. In order to test, if you open an image with MS Paint, then you will see it is a raster graphic.


How you use colors has a huge impact on the look of your business card. Complementary colors work best. Tell the designer your preferences and ask them to provide you with options and other business card design services. Moreover, you can use an art website to get complementary shades of your selected color.

QR Codes

A QR code can carry a great amount of information in a tiny space. They can be used to add you as a contact, direct people to your website, etc. There are truly hundreds of free QR code apps and generators that you can use on a phone or computer. Just make sure the QR code works by using it yourself before getting it printed. Also, a QR code can become a part of the design. Opposite to popular belief, they don’t need to be white and black. Use it creatively to improve your business card design.

The Back

Avoid leaving the back side of your business card blank. It can be used for placing the QR code, branding (company name and logo), etc. What you can do with it is just limited by your imagination. However, avoid too much information. For example, restaurant owners should not print the menu on the back.


Embossing can add a number of details to a business card. We don’t only mean for the letters. You can create patterns and emboss a company logo rather than printing it. This is another place where you can be creative and experimental. Just remember that the embossed design needs to have a definition. If you go overboard, then your business card will look like crumpled paper.

Special Shapes

You don’t always have to stick to the standard rectangular shape. Wise use of custom shapes leaves an everlasting impression. Even small details like rounded corners can make your business card design unique. You can use innovative shapes to add meaning to your card. If you have a music store, your business cards can be formed like musical instruments. You can also try folding cards, coaster-sized cards, pull-out cards, etc.


The finish of the business card is very important. Shiny printed cards feel tacky if their design does not suit them. Most cards have a matte look with flat lettering. You can choose special finishes that resemble other materials for special designs.


A non-standard material attracts immediate attention. Also, it helps if you can use material that means something to your business. However, there are more types of paper than you can likely imagine. You don’t have to use paper only. Many businesses use alternative materials like plastic, metal, or even ceramic-infused paper (yes, it exists) to make their cards stand out.

As a final point, remember that just like a great design requires business card design services, it requires great printing services as well. The card you will get from a low-quality printer will lose you so many clients that any minor savings you make are wasted.


Business cards help in building strong business relationships, and customers remember you for longer. They also leave a person with a golden opportunity to break a business deal in the future. So, work with Design Alligators and use their business card design services in Houston to make an excellent first impression.

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