What is a student visa?

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The student visa is a special seal of approval, which is stamped on a passport of the student who is enrolled at a Designated Educational Institution of a foreign country. A student willing to go abroad for study purposes can apply for the same after receiving the Letter of Acceptance from the foreign institute. A student visa does not require the holder to get the citizenship of a particular country. The Top 5 countries to go to as an international student are briefly discussed here. Where they can gain world-class knowledge and can enjoy a great life.

Top 5 countries for the international student: –

Canada is a country that has been chosen by the learners for higher studies. This country is undoubtedly one of the strongest economies in the world and has a total of 38 ranked universities. Students after studying in Canada experience a high standard of living and are receiving top-level education at Canadian colleges and universities. Canada has been warmly welcoming students for years. Canada takes education seriously and Canadian institutions are among the best with flexible educational variety. Additionally, Canadian institutions’ diploma holders are highly valued in the Canadian job market. Moreover, here students can enjoy the multi-cultural atmosphere.

  • Germany: –

German institutions are known for their excellent education, even in other fields than engineering. In Germany, one can also study the English language. Students going to Germany for the studies are generally attracted by the open-handed scholarships and have 69 ranked universities. Germany has the best institutions for engineering and top-quality higher studies. The majority of German universities don’t even charge tuition fees from foreign students. Germany is also excellent from job’s prosecutive. Students with German diplomas are highly valued in the job market, not only in Germany but also in other countries. Students also get the opportunity to enjoy the social events in the colleges or universities and also in the cities. Here the students also enjoy the multi-cultural atmosphere.

  • Australia: –

Australia is renowned for its climate, beaches, and the 40 ranked universities and colleges. This country has the second-highest development index in the world. Australian universities mostly deliver programs that include either internship or placement. This helps the learners to gain real-life experience and can set up the expectations from their career path accordingly. Australia has been welcoming and helping the endless number of students to have a bright and great future. The country’s universities primarily focus on problem-based learning.

  • United States: –

The U.S.A is consisting of numberless universities and colleges standing proudly among the world’s top institutions. Students going to the U.S.A gets a huge variety of bachelor’s and master’s education in the world. It has 272 ranked universities, which is the highest in the world. The world’s leading institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, etc are also in The United States. It is also one of the countries delivering affordable education for international students with tuition fees of approximately 5,000 USD or even less. The U.S.A has the most flexible academics and the best on-campus experience for the students coming from other countries. Students in The United States gets to live a very unique life as a student. Also, this country has a vast variety of traveling places and adorable sights.

  • Italy: –

Italy has the 7th highest GDP in the world followed by the 17th highest Human Development Index rating. Institutions here also provide education in English. Italy has Europe’s oldest universities. This country understands the diverse values and is among the members of the European Union. International students are warm-welcomed by Italy. Italian universities are among the most affordable institutions in the world with the impressive experience of higher studies. Architecture and Fashion are the most fascinating fields of Italy. It is also known for the climate and the Mediterranean Sea and the amazing historic sites.


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