How to do Root Canal Step by Step and its Benefits

root canal treatment

Well, at once, whoever hears the name root canal treatment gets a sudden fear of what it could be. But it is not right what it sounds. Root canal treatment is one of the best dental treatments to replace your teeth and restore your smile.

But won’t you like to know how the treatment is carried on? If Yes, you have landed here on the right page, where I have shared how to do a root canal step by step is carried on.

Let’s see it here in this article to know more. Read the article till the end to learn more.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure in dentistry that is carried on to protect you from the painful tooth extraction procedure. The root canal treatment is performed by endodontists and even sometimes by general dentists depending upon the complexity of the treatment.

Root Canal Treatment is a process in which the damaged pulp inside the tooth is removed, the canals are cleaned, and filled with the fillings. Later the root canal treatment is sealed with the sealants on the top, and a crown is added on the top to make it appear just like the natural teeth.

The root canal treatment also ensures stability to the bite force and provides aesthetics to your overall appearance.

Like many dental procedures, even the root canal treatment is one of the best procedures you must try! However, visit the best dental clinic near you for a unique and better experience with root canal treatment.

What makes you a suitable candidate for root canal treatment?

You must opt for the root canal treatment if you experience the following symptoms: Certain suitabilities indicate you may require a root canal treatment.

  • If you have tooth or jaw pain, you are suitable for root canal treatment.
  • Swelling around your gums also indicates you might need a root canal treatment.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold also shows that you may need a root canal treatment.
  • If you witness a different colour tooth, even then, you might need root canal treatment for your teeth.
  • Any visible teeth injury might also indicate that you need a root canal treatment.

These are suitable qualifications that indicate that you may need a root canal treatment.

How to do a root canal step by step?

Root canal treatment includes a step-by-step procedure that you might know;


The first step of the root canal treatment involves preparation that includes numbing the area that allows it to carry on the therapy too easily. It will help you to make the area ready to carry on the procedure.


The next step involves cleaning the roots where your canals are cleaned to proceed further with the treatment. Here your canals are thoroughly cleaned to make them ready for treatment.


The dentist’s following procedure is shaping the canals to adjust the fillings. In this procedure, dentists use tiny instruments to shape the canals to make them ready for treatment.


Now we have come here with the main procedure that involves filling the canals. In this procedure, the channels are finally filled with the fillings. Dental fillings are mainly gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, and other tooth-coloured materials like plastic, glass, and others. However, it depends upon your dental condition and the patient’s preference.


After the procedure, your dentist will provide you with some antibiotics that will help heal the rest of the infection of your teeth to recover fast. Immediately after the root canal treatment, there might be slight discomfort and irritation in your gums and jaws, but it will be fine soon with time.


After your root canal treatment has healed, plan for the crown. Placing a crown on top of your fillings will give you an aesthetic appearance. It is applicable only the root canal treatment.

So these are some steps through which the root canal treatment is performed.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

Here are some unique root canal treatment benefits you must know; Read more to learn more.


Aesthetics is one of the best advantages of root canal treatment you can obtain for your teeth. It depicts the appearance of natural teeth and appears just like natural ones. The root canal treatment provides you with a beautiful smile.


Most people think that root canal treatment is painful. But not actually! Root canal remedy is performed with the help of local anesthesia to protect you from the pain of the root canal treatment. Hence the root canal treatment is virtually a painless procedure.

Prevents tooth loss:

The root canal treatment helps protect your teeth from painful tooth extraction. It restores your decayed and damaged teeth and fixes your smile. Hence it is one of the best procedures that help prevent tooth loss.


The root canal treatment is also cost-effective and comes under your budget. The root canal treatment in Chennai is around 2000-6000 INR inclusive of the crown’s cost. It is quite affordable for almost everyone and also gets done quickly without making you wait.

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So these are some of the Benefits of root canal treatment that you should know.

I hope you find the article on How to do a Root canal helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, drop them in the comment section below. See you soon with the upcoming blog.

Thank you for reading!

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