Which Of The Bigger Cats Pack A Stronger Punch & Bite?

Are you a wildlife lover? If yes, then I hope channels like Discovery and Animal Planet must be on your favorite list. There are many interesting features and documentaries are shown on these channels. 


Apart from these channels, you also must have been interested in knowing the basic characteristics of every animal’s behavior, diet, etc. 


Lion & Tiger: The Most Obvious Answers


When it comes to stronger big cats, Lion and tiger are the obvious names that come to mind. But there are other carnivore big cats like the leopard, jaguar, and cheetah. 


Now if I pose a question regarding which among these cats have the fierce blow and bite, then I am sure, many would say the lion or tiger. 


Well, there is no doubt that these are stronger in knocking down the heaviest of prey. But what if I say that none of these big cats is the right answer? 


It’s Jaguar Folks!

Of course, you won’t believe it. However, I would like to correct you that it is the jaguar that leads in packing a powerful blow and fierce bite. 


Surprised! Yes, it is true. And there is proof to it. According to research, when it comes to the comparison of fearsome bite attacks among the big cats, the jaguar has a robust bite that is 3 times that of the tiger. 


Most of us will not believe due to the smaller body shape of jaguars, half of the latter fearsome beast (tiger). But believe me, when it comes to strong jaw power, then the jaguar takes the lead. 


So yes, jaguars do overshadow the jungle king lion and national animal tiger in packing a robust blow to its prey. 


They have stronger jaw muscles that can pierce the hardcore shell of turtles and can easily tear apart the thick skin coat of caimans.


You cannot judge a jaguar merely by its shorter height in comparison to other big cats. Beware of its power-packed blow that can result in instant death.

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