Top Colors To Lighten Up Your Mood

According to science, colors play a very important role in everyone’s life, especially the mood. Not only psychologically or physically, but also from an emotional aspect as well. An example is red. If you notice the multiple shades of this color, then each of them will have a different impact on your mood. The ones with the darker shades would pull your mood down making you anxious. Whereas on the flip side, the lighter version of red will make you calm and stress-free. 


If a person feels overstressed due to hectic schedule work hours, then he/she must wear light shaded colors of red, which will work as the best tool for managing the stress. With this example, I am not emphasizing red only. There are other colors other than it that will lighten up your mood for sure. 


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This color is known to be the symbol of transparency and shine. White is the best color to refer to, especially when you are down with mood due to stress and anxiety. Wearing a white attire or in any of its forms will make you feel clear of thoughts. For pregnant women, the color of their surrounding walls should be painted white. It is the ideal color to recommend. But make sure it should be clean with brightness. If it is dim or dull, then the mood of the person will also become the same. 




Blue is the favorite color of most men. Well, women do like it. Coming on to importance, blue represents calmness and peace. It has a very soothing effect on the mind as it comes with a unique power to remove stress. Blue is also known for lowering your blood pressure and keeping anxiety at bay. When you see this color, you will feel a cooling effect. Always go for a lighter version of this color like sky blue. 




If blue is the favorite among men, then pink is for women. It is mostly related to feminine color and can be seen in a baby girl’s room. So this becomes the chance to decorate your little princess’s room by picking the right shade of pink. Baby pink is the ideal choice to make. 




Green is associated with nature, so definitely, it will make a good impact on your mood. Just like you feel joyous in being close to nature’s greenery around you, so just imagine what impact will this color have upon you? This color represents restfulness and quietness. People with anxiety problems must use this color on their room walls. A pale and beige tone of green will make a better option. 

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