The Pleasure of Her Presence Was a Present in Itself

In March 2015, I left my home to pursue my graduation from Hyderabad, known as the city of Nizams or City of Pearls. Stepping into an entirely new ambiance, people whom I never knew or met before, trying to fit in their lifestyle, just to be considered as one of them. However, only because I was from the north, I was considered to be one of those sharp and witty girls. Not that I had any issues with it, but to state the truth, I wasn’t sharp at all, no skills of judging, and I did get fooled by many in my starting days. 

Within those days, I met a girl, not the one who is gentle or kind, but the one who is a combination of all. In short, her presence would light up a room. During the days spent with her, I would say I explored the entire Hyderabad – from banjara to jubilee, Charminar to Golconda fort, all the mandirs that I could visit, and several places that I scouted in the beautiful nightlife of Hyderabad. 

The best among all was the Pebble city – I still don’t know the routes of that place, neither would have she remembered for sure, but that was my best experience of all time so far. The encounter with cops at 3 in the night was not so funny at that time. However, we did manage to laugh about it after reaching our home.

The night outs, the bunking of classes, the last moment combined study before any exam, competing to match the number of sheets while writing the exam paper, analyzing why she got more marks even though we studied the same amount and things and whatnot did we do together. 

She taught me that life is to live in small moments, and when one fails to see the future, they should do the next right thing. Patience is highly essential to learn what life is trying to teach us in our journey of life. If you know how to listen, you will profit from even those who talk badly.

A flirtatious chick from whom even guys use to shy away from, I always fall short of words when it comes to praising her. Oh, with this! I come to remember the moment, whenever someone complimented her, the only line she said was “Ghamand nai hai bas!” 

Sumayya Iqbal Khan, she was a girl with the personality of a dude. It wasn’t until after she left, I realized how important she was to me. Not because she was the sole person who used to be with me 24/7, but because I knew I would never have anyone in my life like her, ever again. 

She inculcated the thought in me of living every moment of life to the fullest. Instead of pondering over what will happen next? After the adventures I underwent with her, I was barely scared to travel alone. 


Lastly, I would only state the memories with her still solace me and always will. Her presence in my life gave strength to my faltering steps. Mirrors don’t lie, and a shadow never leaves as memories with some stay for lifelong.

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