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Top Muscular Hunks Of Bollywood

Bollywood has been the industry that has been gifted with so many gem actors who made their fans go crazy for their autographs or selfies.    Well, the actors that I am going to list down today are not popular because of their acting prowess, but also because of their […]

Some Iconic Villains Of Bollywood

Other than many actors and actresses, there have been most iconic villains in Bollywood which are still remembered for their iconic negative characters. Let us know some of them: Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh Whenever it comes to list down the iconic Bollywood villains, then who can make the mistake […]

Models Who Became Successful Bollywood Stars

There is no shortcut to hard work. Success does come in favor of those who are sincere and dedicated towards their goal. And Bollywood is no exception to it.    Many people who become victims of partiality in Bollywood were forced to drop their dreams. But there are ones who […]

10 Most Bizzare Stories of Bollywood

Bollywood, as much as it seems to be a fairyland, it honestly isn’t. And if those who’ve been into it, were to be believed, it is darker than you could ever imagine. Bollywood has long been accused of casting couch, drug addictions and a lot of wrong stuff. Some people […]