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Sankalp Kumar

Reasons Why EOT CRANES are the Best Manufacturing Support!

These days, high technology machines have made things easier for operators and employees who work in industrial areas. Companies and construction sites make use of heavy machines and cranes to move things easily and without any problem. Development and manufacturing of different machines have opened a plentiful range of possibilities […]

Is English better than other subjects of humanity?  

Is English better than other subjects of humanity?   English is certainly one of the most important subjects which the majority of the students learn at school. Each and every student must take English tuition classes to get complete knowledge of this subject when we have to study the same in […]

The 10 Toughest Examinations on Earth:

Lockdown has been enforced in most states and cities of the country and the only positive approach we can towards it is that most exams from 10th boards to UPSC have been postponed and we have extra time to brush up on our skills. No matter how hard you’ve prepared […]

What is a student visa?

The student visa is a special seal of approval, which is stamped on a passport of the student who is enrolled at a Designated Educational Institution of a foreign country. A student willing to go abroad for study purposes can apply for the same after receiving the Letter of Acceptance […]