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5 of the most Bizarre Things Women Have Been Judged Upon

A statement made by Tirath Rawat, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has the social media sites, especially twitter, on fire. The politician talked about how he felt women wearing ripped jeans were not able to raise a good household and we’re defying the culture and the value system of the […]

The Five Most Problematic Statements by Indian Politicians

Bizzare, sexist, misogynistic, and insensitive statements from famous personalities no longer surprise us. They have become that frequent and common. Especially our lawmakers, our representatives never fail to disappoint us with their obscene mentality. Recently after Tirath Rawat, the CM of Uttarakhand let his opinion out on women wearing ripped […]

Gulabo Sapera: Woman with a Heart of Gold

Women, the womb of all creation, the source of all inspiration, and the beholder of all the power that runs the universe. Despite all the boundations that have been forced on them, they continue to cross each of them and inspire the world to be more courageous and to strive […]

Top 10 Motorable Passes in India Every Traveller Should Visit

The thrill that you get when you ride your bike through the chilling and attractive curvy mountains just can’t be told in words. When you reach higher altitudes, your neighboring temperature goes down, you can feel the chill in your veins, every thump of your bike syncs with your heartbeat, […]

10 Most Bizzare Stories of Bollywood

Bollywood, as much as it seems to be a fairyland, it honestly isn’t. And if those who’ve been into it, were to be believed, it is darker than you could ever imagine. Bollywood has long been accused of casting couch, drug addictions and a lot of wrong stuff. Some people […]

Media Accessibility & Challenges in Ghana Blogjab

Ghana is a West African country situated along the Gulf of guinea & the Atlantic ocean. it is a unitary democracy, which means the elected president is the head of government & the cabinet as well. It is known that the media plays a big role to solidify democracy. And […]