A Tongue Is More Sharper Than The Knife; Can Kill Without Bleeding


Lord Buddha has been an inspirational figure for many. His life itself is filled with numerous instances where he has motivated people with his preachings. 


Well, I am sure you must have read most of the inspirational and life-changing quotes by Lord Buddha, which is practical in real life. 


I would like to draw your attention to one such inspirational quote which is The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood. 


It has a very deep meaning in our lives. Well, let me explain to you. We all have been familiar with the use of the knife for our daily chores. 


But the same item can end someone’s life forever in anger. But what if I say that a tongue is sharper than this sharped edged item? Now you will wonder how it is possible


It is possible. The only difference is it does not draw blood like a knife. 


This is done when a person speaks harsh words that instantly hurts a person deeply. The words can either be spoken in anger or making fun of any helpless human being.  


Other than that you can even hurt a person unintentionally. So what I am trying to say, a cut or bruise caused by a knife can be healed somehow with medication, but it is not the same case with your very speaking organ, tongue. 


You will find many people who don’t even think while flashing out their venomous words to someone. They don’t realize how it can affect the mental state of a person. 


Your one bad speech can land you in big problems or can even drive someone to end his life remember words are. Shooting arrows, once released from the bow cannot return to the quiver. 


They can either heal a person or can make him lifeless without shedding blood. So be careful with your words while speaking. 

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Manoj Singhaniya

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